Painting Cabinets: Spray vs Brush

Written by: JBPens

Painting cabinets can be a tedious task. Should I brush paint or spray paint my cabinets? Brush paints are meticulous. Spray painting can be tricky. There are tons of questions bugging your mind about finding the perfect method of painting your cabinet to make sure you don't end up with a lousy paint job. So to ease your mind and help you decide which method of painting best suits your situation and preference, here are some things you must know about painting cabinets.

Spray vs Brush Painting

There are only two options you can decide on when you are painting your cabinets. Either brush painting or spray painting.

Although spray painting may sound like a scary thing to do in your home that involves those noisy spray paint cans, this is not the case. This implies painting your cabinets with a paint sprayer to apply an even layer of paint. But brush painting does exactly what it sounds like. You are using either a paintbrush or a roller to apply the paint.

Whatever method you prefer, the most important detail you must not forget is specifically using cabinet paint when painting or remodelling your cabinet. Cabinets are constantly opened and have a huge possibility of wearing over time. So, you must use a paint that is formulated specifically for that purpose. This type of paint can withstand the demands of how cabinets are used, like how the doors are constantly opened and closed, No other type of paint can supply as much resistance as much as cabinet finishing does.

However, the painting method you will use will solely depend on your preference and situation, there is no use in arguing which method is better. But obviously, there are some benefits and disadvantages to using both of the two methods. For you to decide what painting method suits your needs, here are some pros and cons of both.

Advantages of Brush Painting

There are several good things you can get when using the traditional brush painting. When you are painting your cabinets, painting using a brush can be a great method because:

Faster Preparation

Masking is a method used in preparation for the painting to help make clean edges and protect the surrounding surfaces from getting unnecessary paints. In brush painting, masking does not require as much time and resources as professionals use.


When brushing, you can put on however thick or thin coats as you want. The painter can paint a thicker coat in one application that can aid how long the paint lasts.

Reduced Paint Costs

A painter applies the paint directly into the surface when brush painting. So, the amount of paint left on the brush at the end of the project is the only paint wasted. This would mean you will not go through a can of paint as fast as spray painting.

Disadvantages of Brush Painting

Here are the downsides to using brush painting, like:

Here are the downsides to using brush painting, like:

Brush painting a cabinet can be a long process that can take a longer period of time. Each surface needs two coats of paint, at least, that has to completely dry. The layers also go on thicker which means a longer drying time in each of the coating.

Advantages of Spray Painting

Here are some advantages of spray painting your cabinets:

Faster Application

Once you get past the stage of preparation, painting using spray paint can take much faster. This can take up a much greater area in lesser time. Each layer goes on thinner so there is the lesser time needed for each layer to dry.

Smoother Coverage

When spray painting, you do not have to worry about leaving visible brushstrokes, bubbles, or missed spots that you typically get when using a paintbrush. Paint sprayers leave you a nice uniformed application that does not require any modifications or sanding after.

Reduced Labor Costs

When you hire professional painters, always take labor expenses into consideration. Spray painting applies double the amount of coating compared to a standard paintbrush. So, there is lesser time needed to cover a surface area, which means the hired painters demand lesser labor costs.

Disadvantages of Spray Painting

Here are some cons to using spray paint when painting your cabinets:


Spray paint has a wider reach that can take up a larger surface. However, there is a possibility that you can apply a layer of paint mist on surrounding objects near your work area.

Longer Preparation

Overspray risks damaging objects nearby. It is a good thing that this is preventable. But the preparation of completely covering everything that is placed just a few meters away from your work area may take more than just placing some few sheets over.

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