What I’ve learned this week #55

What I’ve learned this week #55

This week has been pretty good. Which is ironic given I posted on Monday with a bit of a moan about being a Mum and feeling that sense of never having your own life anymore, especially when you’re breastfeeding, and not knowing what to do with my life! I had some really lovely comments from people who could relate which was nice. Typically since then we’ve had a great week and I’ve been so thankful to be at home with my babies. And even more exciting than that, I’ve had a really serious think about future work plans and have some exciting options which I’m exploring. More on that another time… like probably next year…! But still, I feel happier for it and feel like I have a bit of a plan in my mind now.

I didn’t post last weekend because my Dad came to visit and to be honest the week before was a bit of a shitter. I’ve had to get a bit tougher on Miss Belle after a few days of bad tantrums. I’m talking no books at bedtime, taking toys away, no weekly pancakes on Sunday (sob!), no TV all day one day (why, why did I think that was a good idea!) and the threat of taking down her new trampoline! (Which we really didn’t want to do as it took two hours to put up!) It seems to have helped though and she’s been a lot better behaved since.

Again this is a fortnightly look back… I’m not sure how much I’ll be keeping these up but we will see!!

What I’ve learned this week (ahem…fortnight!)

  1. There is nothing funnier than Miss Belle shouting at the wind for making her chilly – hilarious, laugh out loud moment! 
  2. Miss Belle is loving tomatoes again ever since her friend came over for lunch and had some. Note to self, must use this tactic if needed with Little Man.
  3. For the first time since having two children they napped at the same time this week!! I didn’t know what to do with myself.. in the end I got a load of washing on, hung some more out, and read a few emails. It was over before I knew it – thank you Little Man for your half an hour naps! 
  4. Little Man and I have been doing Tiny Talk as we did with Miss Belle and now she has been learning the signs to teach her brother. It’s beyond cute watching her tell Little Man what bunny rabbit and Mummy is!
  5. Little Man is rolling all the time but gets stuck on one arm. He’s also sat unaided for a couple of seconds several times this week! It’s scary how fast he’s developing! He’s so much stronger than Miss Belle was. I guess it’s true what they say about boys being different to girls. 
  6. I bought some new baggy trousers and a dress from Tesco to celebrate losing a stone of the baby weight (hurrah!). Miss Belle said I looked smart in my new trousers… and like Nanna! Not sure whether I should take them back… ahem! 
  7. I’m considering giving up dairy as I think it might help my skin. I really don’t think I can give it up though given the amount of tea I drink and cheese and chocolate I eat! I also need to research if it’s healthy when breastfeeding. Anyone who’s cut it out before please get in touch with the best dairy free cheese. I need to try it before I commit! 
  8. I’ve had TWO, yes TWO nights out this week – after about six or seven months of no nights out!! Admittedly the latest I came home was only 11.15pm, but still, it felt good to go out and chat with friends! Then I had my hair cut and coloured (so badly needed after All. The. Grey!) and Matt and I went for a curry, our first time leaving Little Man in an evening. I fed him and put him down so I knew he’d be ok and we were only a few hours.
  9. This week I’ve re-started my Team TOMM schedule again (if you don’t know what this is check out The Organised Mum Method – it will revolutionise your life!) and I’ve ordered a new planner to schedule in everything from meal plans to what I want to achieve blog wise and in the house each week. This video from A Mum Track Mind inspired me! I’ve also found if I can get dressed quicker and give Miss Belle some 1:1 play time whilst Little Man has his first nap of the day at around 9am, rather than do a load of jobs or get us both dressed then, the day then pans out better. I can then do my half an hour of cleaning whilst she plays by herself and he’s happy after his nap. Then we can go out for the day or get on with whatever we are doing. It sounds silly but having a bit of a routine really helps me feel organised and happier! Just have to keep on top of it all!! 
  10. Today for the first time Miss Belle and I had a “Mummy and Daughter” date. It’s something I’ve seen other parenting bloggers and friends do – spend one to one time with each child.  Obviously Little Man has me to himself on her nursery days. I’m conscious that Miss Belle has had to adjust from having me all to herself. So we headed off to the Dinosaur Park. We went to soft play, had a hot chocolate treat (though we really should have had an ice cream, it was so hot!) and walked around the dinosaur trail and saw a few animals. I was away from Little Man for 4.5 hours, the longest yet. He took 3.5oz from the bottle huraaaaah!!! (There’s hope for a Spa Day yet!) Miss Belle enjoyed it and told me if was her favourite part of her day. I have to say I actually enjoyed soft play! I’ve wasn’t able to climb up things with her when I was pregnant and have only been once or twice with Matt since having Little Man, where I could have a go, so it was really fun. She cracked me up as she tackled a new slide she’s not been on before. She jumped off and shouted “I’m an expert!” (Daddy Pig reference there). Yes you are dear, yes you are…


Have a good week!


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