What I’ve learned this week #54

What I’ve learned this week #54

So, I’m failing at my plans to reinstate these weekly posts!! So this is actually a few things that I’ve noticed during the last fortnight. The bank holiday weekend threw me as it was so jam packed and I couldn’t write a post for last weekend. We went back to Blickling Hall to see the bluebells and walked through the Great Wood. We also had a day at a Thetford Forest having a picnic with friends, doing the Highway Rat trail and enjoying the sunshine. Then on Bank Holiday Monday we had our friends over for a BBQ and had the paddling pool out. Miss Belle is still wary of the slide in the new paddling pool and didn’t actually play in it that much – standard! Anyway…

What I’ve learnt this week (fortnight!)

  1. Miss Belle has discovered the hilarity of… farts. I thought only boys were into passing wind and laughing about it, but she’s finding it so funny, she’s now farting non stop. In shops, at the table.. at nursery. They even said “she’s been quite windy today!” when I picked her up last week. Brilliant. What am I to do about that?! 
  2. I feel guilty that I haven’t completed a load of activities Nursery suggested we do and fill in some book they gave me, despite us doing so much. So I decided we’d make a rocket out of some leftover loo and kitchen roll tubes. She’d been doing a bit shapes and colours at Nursery that week so we spoke about the colours she painted and the shapes – a cylinder and cone. We will gloss over the fact I struggled to make the cone! And it looked pretty shocking. Still, A* for effort!
  3. For some strange reason she decided to through some “Reindeer food” (oats and GLITTER!) all over the living room floor a few days ago. No idea why. That will teach me for leaving it in an accessible cupboard. Note to self – remove anything spill-able out of her reach. 
  4. Miss Belle has been obsessed with princesses and Cinderella recently. She was given a Cinderella pillow book at Christmas and I’ve shown her a few bits on You Tube. At Blickling Hall last weekend someone in a wedding dress was being photographed and she said “Mummy, look a princess!” It was so sweet. I rented out the DVD of Cinderella and we watched it about four times last week! At one point we were all singing bibbidi bobbidi boo at the dinner table.. Matt included! 
  5. I had to go on a Speed Awareness course which I was really nervous about. One, because I felt naughty! Two, because I was leaving Little Man for four hours and he’s still not taking a bottle. Luckily he lasted the two hours and I fed him at the break. It turns out four hours to yourself, with no demands for snacks, TV, or your boobs, is quite nice. And I learnt some stuff too!
  6. Little Man is being as good as gold and is such a smiley boy. He’s outgrown his 3-6 month clothes now. The way he beams when he sees his sister melts my heart. And I am so, so grateful. 
  7. The sunnier weather is really lovely and has definitely lifted my mood recently. We took Little Man to the beach for the first time the afternoon after my speed awareness course and it was so lovely. One of those “wow we’re really a proper family” moments. (Just don’t ask Matt how much he had to carry!)

Have a good week!



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