What I’ve learned this week #53

What I’ve learned this week #53

This week has gone by in yet another flash. Last weekend we were pretty busy in Norwich on Saturday. We had a lovely meal out for lunch – check out my review of Middletons Steakhouse and Grill’s new Spring menu if you’ve never been. We’ve had a quieter week with our usual classes plus a trip to Tots Town with a friend. It’s the first time we’ve been back since Miss Belle’s 3rd birthday party. I carried Little Man in the sling and he was fine, although a bit hot! He doesn’t seem to love being carried so I might try and use it more. Other than that we’ve been at home because I’ve hurt my hip (or to be more precise, my glute!) so I’ve had to rest and not walk too far. All very annoying and likely not to be a quick fix, so I’ve got a programme of exercises to do to get everything stronger. Anyway….

What I’ve learned this week

  1. This week Miss Belle has told me she likes what I’m wearing, which is always nice to hear. “Mummy I like your top. It’s pretty!” – it’s the small things hey?
  2. Little Man has been on good form this week and has settled himself to sleep a few times unexpectedly. With Miss Belle I stressed more about when she needed a nap and this time although that is still my instinct, I’m obviously more busy and so it’s sort of caught me by surprise to find him asleep in the bouncer/crib/Moses basket after walking out the room and coming back in again. This week he even fell asleep on the play mat!! He settles himself by sort of sucking on his hand and rubbing his fingers in his eyes/forehead. The only problem is he scratches himself with his fingernails no matter how short I cut them! So he looks like he’s been pulled through a hedge backwards! Any advice on how to stop this welcome! He’s got scratch mits but I heard it’s better to leave them off now for self soothing? Plus I’m not sure if he’d get frustrated if he couldn’t suck his hands…?!
  3. We’ve been potty training again for a while now. I’ve not wanted to write about it for fear of it all going wrong, but I *think* we are about there. Although having said that Miss Belle’s just peed at a birthday party AGAIN this afternoon. It’s the third party in a row we’ve been to where she’s had an accident. But, aside from that, after months of dealing with poo in pants, we are starting to get success with more and more no.2s on the potty or toilet. It’s been a long, frustrating, upsetting few months really, and it’s not 100% sorted, but we are getting there. She knows what to do and is so proud of herself. It’s just getting past the fear from last time. I’ll write about it again soon… and we’ll probably have a shit day tomorrow now I’ve dared to mention it (pun not intended!)
  4. Little Man is growing soooo much. He’s starting to outgrow some 3-6 months clothes and is just about to hit the 4 month mark. I’m desperate to compare his weight to Miss Belle’s at this age. I think he’s about the size she was at 6 months at least! But I can’t find her red book anywhere. I’ve literally searched the whole house and am at a loss to where it can be. The only thing I can think of is it got left somewhere accidentally.
  5. Finally, yesterday Miss Belle started new swimming lessons. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud! I was nervous – we tried somewhere at the end of last year and it was a disaster. The lesson was rubbish, the teacher wasn’t friendly and the pool was cold. Miss Belle cried the whole time and got out early. This was a completely different experience. A lovely set up, friendly teacher and Miss Belle has grown in confidence from Matt taking her on a weekend these past few months. As I sat by the side of the pool watching her take part, giving everything a go, in her little Peppa Pig swimming cossie, I felt so proud! Hopefully it wasn’t a one off and she’ll be happy again next Saturday!

Have a good week.



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