What I’ve learned this week 52

What I’ve learned this week 52

This week has been fab mostly because of the sunny weather and mini heat wave we’ve been having. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I find being a Stay At Home Mum sooooooo much easier in the Spring/Summer months, when you can get outdoors more and enjoy the weather. Grabbing 10 minutes in the garden whilst your 3 year old actually entertains herself with stones and a sandpit, walking and enjoying the blossom on the trees. It’s these small moments where you appreciate not being at work so much more. Yes it’s still hard work and I’m physically exhausted and mentally drained from the constant “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!” cries, but I do have to remind myself how lucky I am. So this week’s look back is pretty positive..

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Little Man is teething already I think, he’s been dribbling for a while and so I thought it was a lot earlier than Miss Belle. She cut her first tooth in the August after she was born, but I think his will be sooner. My friend said she thought she could see some white under his gums and you can! So not sure how long it’ll be but we will see. 
  2. During said dribbling this week, Miss Belle wiped him with a muslin and said “look Mummy, he’s melting!” Olaf from Frozen reference… and so cute it really made me smile.
  3. On Friday we had a lovely albeit long day just the three of us. We had plans to go to town for some shopping. After Little Man had his nap I needed to change him so I told Miss Belle to get her socks on. I came downstairs and not only had she put her socks on, she’d put her shoes on (on the correct feet!) and started to put sun cream on her arms. She is gaining independence and although it’s sad she’s not my baby anymore, it’s also super helpful and it surprised me! 
  4. During our trip to the shops we got some new sunglasses for Miss Belle – I smiled when she chose the My Little Pony one’s over Paw Patrol because they were “glittery” – that’s my girl! We also bought an amazing new paddling pool, but I seriously underestimated how long it would take to put up, even with an electric pump! Got about an hours play out of it though!
  5. I was going to attempt to take them both to the beach on my own.. but, the general consensus was… that would be mad and I’d need more than a medal and a strong G and T at the end of it. So we will have to wait for a heat wave on a weekend when Daddy is around instead, or at least until Little Man is sitting I think!

I think the heat wave is coming to an end now which is a shame – the new paddling pool is going back in the box tonight! Hope I haven’t jinxed things and we’re all in for a crap summer now! 

Have a good week x 


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