What I’ve learned this week #50

I’ve decided to start up these posts again, because there’s so much I feel like I’m missing out on recording when I don’t write them. These are the years. Yes the days can be looooooooong (Hello Tuesday and  Thursday this week!), but the years, they are so so short. I can’t believe Miss Belle is three, let alone the fact we have TWO children now. Two tiny humans we are responsible for. As I walked into our bedroom last night after checking on Miss Belle and glanced down at Little Man in his crib, I thought, blimey… I have TWO children. Kind of blows my mind. I know that’s bonkers, (I did give birth to them after all,) but it does. So I want to go back to using this blog to record the ups and downs of family life. That’s what it’s all about after all.

What I’ve learned this week

  1. On Good Friday we headed to see some lambs at Felbrigg Hall like we did last year. It was a great day and we actually saw a lamb being born, which was so lucky. Miss Belle fell asleep on the way back and we foolishly let her nap until 5pm in he car. What were we thinking? She didn’t fall asleep til about 8.30pm that night after having us up and down the stairs several times because she needed a wee/poo/it was too dark/there was a monster. Sort of lovely she’s getting to that age but also sort of annoying – go to sleep!
  2. I don’t know if it was the fresh air we’d had that day, but that night Little Man slept through! Well I’m calling it slept through as it was nearly 11 hours from 7pm to 5.50am! He’s done it three times this week – hooray!
  3. On Saturday we went to Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary (I think I’ll write up a mini review soon) and again I had “a moment” where Miss Belle’s development or age hit me like a tonne of bricks. In a good way of course. We’ve done the aquarium at Valencia a couple of times and she’s always liked it. But she’s never been as animated as she was this week. She took everything in, she went with gusto into the viewing bubbles and she was constantly asking where Destiny was. (We may watch too much Finding Dory). But it was lovely to see her growing and it made me excited for the summer and our next visit to the aquarium. She will love it this year, I’m sure.
  4. Bit of a boring one.. but I’ve signed up to Slimming World to help shift the baby weight and although I lost 5lb in 2 weeks I decided to take it easy and enjoy Easter and pretty much just ate what I wanted. I couldn’t deprive myself at this time of year! I’m now really struggling to get back on it! I forgot how good wine was…
  5. Today, with the promise of sunshine and temperatures of 17 degrees we headed to the sea side, and it was just perfect…

Happy weekend x


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