What I’ve learned this week #48

What I’ve learned this week #48

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. Last weekend we did some Halloween stuff and visited Oxburgh Hall for their pumpkin trial which was good fun. Miss Belle had her flu vaccination on Tuesday and then had both a mild temperature and another bout of her toilet problems again on Wednesday, so she wasn’t very well. I ended missing a surprise baby shower for my friend too which I was gutted about. What is it with kids and timing!? I’m definitely feeling more achey and struggling to do everything I want to do. I’m having to slowly tell myself I might have to start slowing down or at least lowering expectations!! My parents are visiting for the weekend as Matt is away seeing a friend and watching the Norwich City. I’m hoping I might get a night off soon!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. I went to Norwich for a bit of Christmas shopping on Tuesday and to exchange something. I was only walking around 2 and a half hours and had to go to the loo about 5 times. I was waddling by the end of it! The baby feels very low down and was constantly pressing on my bladder. Oh the joys of pregnancy hey?!
  2. On the bus Miss Belle was looking out of the window and said “Mummy, pumpkins, on my left!” so I think she’s learning her left and right. No idea what age kids learn this  but I was so proud and made a note to tell nursery when we got in!
  3. The bump is getting bigger and heavier and bending is becoming challenging, but Miss Belle has been so good at being my personal slave! Of course I ask her nicely if she can just help Mummy by passing me something or picking something up for me. Bless her. Perhaps a benefit of being pregnant with a slightly older child?! Hope she continues to be my little help when the baby arrives.
  4. The clock change screwed us quite a bit, and we had 5.20/5.30am wake ups until Thursday. But she’s finally adjusted which is good news.
  5. This week Miss Belle has got over the feat of the hair dryer and let us dry her hair before bed for the first time! I think she’s seen me use mine more since having my hair cut shorter, so that’s a small win!

Have a fab weekend – we’re going to attempt to do some fireworks in our back garden all being well. I do love bonfire night, and I’ve baked Parkin especially! I know… any excuse for cake…





  1. 4th November 2017 / 7:34 pm

    How long have you got left now? I’m 38 weeks tomorrow – I did a couple of hours of Christmas shopping on Wednesday and my bump completely dropped (but, alas, it hasn’t come to anything…). This stage is so dignified, isn’t it?!

    • thisismenow
      4th November 2017 / 7:46 pm

      Oh wow, power to you! I have 9 weeks left, so still a while! And already struggling when I’m active or on my feet. It’s just the pressure at the bottom of my bump that aches. Good luck, not long left for you now! Xx

  2. 4th November 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Bless Miss Belle helping you out. Definitely one of the better advantages to a bigger age gap, my son was the same and loved helping me in any way he could, it was so sweet. Have a great weekend with your parents, and please put your feet up

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