What I’ve learned this week #46

What I’ve learned this week #46

Thank the Lord for the weekend! Excuse my French but this week as been royally fecking shit. It started nicely. My parents visited last Thursday to Sunday (which is why there was no post last weekend. I was too busy with the family). Matt and I had a nice meal out at Delia’s on Friday night and we took my parents to Pensthorpe on Saturday, which they loved.

Since Monday it’s all gone down hill! It’s been a combination of a nap refusing toddler, tantrums, potty training induced constipation, a day of getting no blog work done, pregnancy insomnia, and well… I’m just done in. I need a holiday!! Send me back to Spain!! Of course when you say the words out loud or write them in black and white you realise what a div you sound and how there are so many more people in the world going through crap, but still, I’m feeling self indulgent so I’ll go with it. This may be a ranty kind of post.

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Despite vowing not to write about it until after we’d cracked it, I’m going to share our current potty training predicament. Basically, we are nearly there with wees. But poos are a problem. Miss Belle has been holding them in which has led to constipation. It also led to some lovely leakages which then gave her a really sore bottom last weekend. It was so sore I could barely wipe her with cotton wool and water. Then I had a call from nursery on Wednesday saying she was crying and screaming in pain trying to go (having not been since Sunday lunchtime). So I managed to get in at the doctors and we were given suppositories. That’s something I never thought I’d have to do… attempt to insert one of those in her bum! Poor girl. I tried and failed to insert one. Miss Belle unsurprisingly ran away from me and wouldn’t let me near her again. So, I called the GP back and she sent a prescription to the pharmacy for some liquid laxatives. They have since worked. But the only way she will poo is in a nappy usually in her cot at failed nap time. I’m going with it at the moment because I just don’t want her to be in any pain. I felt so helpless not being able to help her. The past two days we’ve seen a return of more wet accidents, so it’s all just going shit. (Yes – pun intended.)
  2. Despite doing Tumble Tots for nearly a year, and as I’m sat here writing this she’s doing roly poly’s in her cot bed (INSTEAD OF GOING TO SLEEP!), this week Miss Belle decided to have a monumental meltdown when it was time to get out of the car. I think it’s because I took her packet of crisps off her and said she could have the rest after the class. She’d eaten about three quarters of the packet anyway. She went ballistic. So we abandoned the class, I sat and cried in the car for half an hour, and we tried a catch up class the next day. I even took Grandma along to see if that’d entice her in. Nope, still didn’t happen. Apparently it’s “too scary!” What on earth is going on!?! I’ve already paid for the next block of classes so I really don’t know what we’ll do if she won’t go next week.
  3. On Tuesday our carbon monoxide alarm went off randomly. We’ve had it a good few years and I do test it fairly regularly (when I remember as opposed to once a week, but still.) After a call to Matt and a brief google of what to do, I called the emergency gas people (I think the national grid?) who talked me how to turn the gas off at the mains and said to open all the doors and windows and they’d send someone within two hours. After about 10 or 15 minutes of having the gas off and the windows open, the alarm stopped. Which worried me slightly. And within an hour the gas man arrived to check for a gas leak (as in, check the house couldn’t go boom). What they can’t really test for is carbon monoxide. All they can do is make it safe, turn everything off, give you a new monitor and tell you to get a gas plumber to come and check it asap. So on Wednesday we had it serviced and checked and all was ok, so who knows what happened there.  It could have been a faulty monitor, but it’s always worth checking these things out. And our boiler needed servicing in the next few months anyway, so it’s something off our To Do list now.
  4. On Thursday it was our four year wedding anniversary. I drove all the way to M and S for their Dine in for 2 meal deal on Tuesday, the last day it was running, only for it to be sold out. Still managed to get a tasty pizza meal deal for £10 and a fancy pants dessert though. So that was good. And never have I been more grateful for an easy tea. And for Matt for being there constantly on the phone this week when I’ve been pushed to the limit. It’s been a tiring week and he always cheers me up and calms me down. And he bought me some beautiful roses for our anniversary too! He’s a keeper!
  5. Miss Belle has been making up for the tantrums/”go away Mummy” by wanting to read a book my friend passed onto me called “There’s a house inside my Mummy”. She loves it and gives my tummy a kiss, which is so sweet.

This weekend we are continuing to empty our study which will become Miss Belle’s new bedroom and ticking more jobs off our mega To Do list! Lots of bags of stuff have been sent to the charity shop and we still have some furniture to sell/move to the garage. Fun fun fun!

Have a good weekend.



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