What I’ve learned this week #42

What I’ve learned this week #42


Every week I sit down to write this and really struggle to remember what we did last weekend! Not good! Anyway, it’s all been a bit quiet and not that exciting so this will be short!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. The start of the week continued with an attempt to potty train which wasn’t going well. After having a meltdown I threw the towel in on Tuesday saying enough is enough. I whacked a nappy on and ran out the house as fast I could. We headed to Pensthorpe and I instantly felt better. And sure enough a few hours later Miss Belle asked to use the potty! Safe to say I thought she was messing with my head! I’ve had so much conflicting opinion from friends I’ve spoken to about it that I realised constantly asking for opinions wasn’t really helping. It’s like I needed to know what everyone else thought before I could decide what I thought about it all. Which, yes, I know is ridiculous! As I said to my friend, I just do my own head in sometimes!!
  2. So, given the pressure I felt I was putting on both myself and my poor daughter, I’ve decided not to publicise what we’re doing potty training wise… we are just doing our thing and I’ll tell you all if/how it works out if it does when the time is right. But since I took a chill pill and just relaxed everything has got a lot better. Her nursery key worker has also been very supportive which was good. So expect an update in the coming months… maybe.
  3. I’ve been really busy with the blog still and published a half way through the year review to see how I was doing against the goals I set at the start of the year. I’ve had some nice feedback on my progress which has been nice. It actually made me realise how far I’ve come and that actually some of the hard work is paying off.
  4. I saw the Physio about my back and have a sexy new maternity support belt to wear. It looks so good!!!
  5. Miss Belle is loving playing with her Baby Born a lot at the moment. She loves to bath it, push it around in her pushchair, give it a bottle…. and ask me to give it boobie. Don’t get me wrong I’m ok with the fact she gets breastfeeding, but it’s every so slightly old now. I keep telling her she’s in for a treat come January!

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend everyone.



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