What I’ve learned this week #41

What I’ve learned this week #41

I’ve decided to move my “what I’ve learned this week” post to a Saturday morning, because I’m trying to space out my content a bit and, well, really 12 hours isn’t going to make much difference. I love looking back on what we’ve done each week and thinking about what we’ve done and learnt.

This week has been pretty quiet… because, we have started potty training (yes again).

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Only two weeks ago I wrote about how we have tried potty training and gave up after 36 hours. Well, two whole weeks later and Miss Belle seems to want to do it. She refused to go to bed last Friday night, asking to sit on the potty. And on Saturday she declared she wanted to use the potty and wear pants. But she only seems to “get it” if she’s bare. Pants? Well, they are just too confusing for her. I will definitely be writing a more in depth post on it later, but safe the say all that’s working at the moment is keeping her bare at home. Which obviously makes going out or to nursery difficult. I’m hoping we can work on it by Wednesday!
  2. Big news (to me at least) in the blogging world… I care probably more than I should because people say these charts don’t mean everything (they collate your social media stats and other stuff as well as the number of readers you have). But, last month my blog was ranked 560 out of 10,000 UK Parenting blogs in the Tots 100 chart. If only I’d managed 61 more places I’d have got a special badge to say I was in the top 500! It was a great month for me in terms of page views so I am now trying to maintain it.
  3. My DA has also increased and I’m getting more and more contact from brands which is nice, but busy. DA is a term to do with how authoritative your website is, and the higher the better in terms of getting found on Google.
  4. I’ve been feeling really hormonal and achey this week. I think it’s just tiredness and being house bound from all the potty training. I managed to get out one evening to go swimming and one night for a power walk with my best friend. It’s amazing how much better exercise makes me feel, so I must really keep up with it. I’ve been using an app and a You Tube prenatal pilates session but not often enough! I also had some reflexology for my aching back and it seemed to help both my back and give me a better nights sleep too. So I am definitely trying that again too!
  5. Miss Belle finally tackled the biggest tunnel at Tumble Tots this week. She’s nearly there with all the things that used to scare her…Hurrah! Next stop, the rollercoaster!

This weekend we are viewing a few houses but that’s about it whilst we continue with potty training. I really don’t have the patience for it… I like to get out the house more than this!

Have a great weekend everyone.



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