What I’ve learned this week #39

What I’ve learned this week #39

This week has been a bit meh, thanks to the horrors that are selling houses and potty training! I feel a separate post coming on about potty training, but safe to say our first proper attempt didn’t go to plan. We’ve given up after a couple of days of trying. More on that in a mo. Last weekend we were up north for my Dad’s birthday and to see the family which was nice. We watched my nephew get a new belt in his karate. Miss Belle ran around after him all weekend which was lovely as they don’t see each other much.

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Potty training. Just, no. In the words of Miss Belle “I don’t like it!” Can I skip this stage of parenting please? I thought Miss Belle was ready, but it seems not. The amount of conflicting advice I’ve had has put my head in a spin for the last two days. Some friends say you must persevere and this is just what it’s like, others say wait until she’s ready and it will probably only take a few days. She doesn’t seem to know when she needs a wee or have any desire to sit on her new Frozen potty. Yes it’s only been two days, but yesterday she looked in pain and whimpered and tensed her legs up, holding it in until I put a nappy on, I think. So we are in the camp of leaving it for a while. At least we can go out for Sunday lunch this weekend now though, hey?!
  2. Never offer chocolate buttons as a reward – she will just whine and ask for them ALL DAY LONG. Probably because she never has a them.
  3. Also, if you do buy chocolate buttons as a reward, it’s probably best to buy two packets. After all you know you’ll inhale half a packet by yourself as you sob into your cup of tea…ahem…
  4. The house hunting/selling continues and it’s even more stressful now as the house we liked and had an offer accepted on has now resold to someone else. I think we are going to take ours off the market. Like potty training, I can’t deal with this stress without having wine!
  5. When you send an SOS text to your husband asking him to stop for chocolate on the way home because of your potty training and house moving woes, and he comes home with not one, but two 100g bars, you know you married a good one. One for you, one for me…

Hope your weekend is more cheerful than my current mood!



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