What I’ve learned this week #29

What I’ve learned this week #29

This week has been spent mostly stressing about moving (argh chains and lack of sales!) and stressing about going to BlogOn in Manchester this weekend! I’ve sort of half packed. By that I mean I’ve packed about three outfits, not knowing what to wear! Anyway I am really looking forward to it and I’m meeting one of my blogging friend’s Naomi to walk in with so hopefully that will be less scary!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Is there anything more infuriating than trying to get a toddler to brush her teeth? Every day is a constant battle at the moment. In the end I sort of have to pin her down… I’m so over this stage.
  2. There possibly is something more annoying… Sand and water table contamination. Waaaah! The joys of nice sunny afternoons in the garden when you’re a bit OCD.
  3. Always ALWAYS get a trolley at the supermarket. Even if you only need 5 things. Miss Belle said she’d walk when I gave her the option this week. (Error – never give an option!) I then spent 15 minutes chasing after her down the aisles. Which she found hilarious of course.
  4. Something VERY exciting happened on Thursday. Miss Belle did her first number 2 on the potty! Hurrah! She’s not telling me when she’s done a wee or wants to do a wee but I think she might be confusing things as she sometimes says “I’ve done a poo” when she hasn’t. So we may be on a very slow road to potty training. (**Internally wails!**)
  5. Whenever I cuddle Miss Belle I tell her she’s my “best friend” or “best girl”. My mum used to do this to me (don’t worry, I don’t have a sister). This afternoon Miss Belle came up to me and gave me a cuddle and said “best friend!” BEST. DAY. EVER!

Have a fab weekend and if you’re going to BlogOn I shall see you there!


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