What I’ve learned this week #28

What I’ve learned this week #28

I’m writing this really quickly this week as the time seems to be getting away with me! We finally got some sun in Norfolk on Wednesday so we’ve made the most of it and spent a lovely day at Pensthorpe on Thursday. It’s beautiful there but I really do not enjoy being hissed at by geese or surrounded by greedy ducks! If you have 21 seconds to spare head over to my Facebook page where I posted a video of me getting a bit freaked out (you need to watch to the end). If nothing else, it provided some hilarity for my family… Other than that it’s been our usual routine of toddler groups and catching up with friends. We go away in 3 weeks and I’m now massively on the count down to that. I could do with a break!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. I guess my highlight of the week was making Mumsnet blog of the day with my post about whether parenting is becoming about competitive badness. I was really nervous to post that one even though I’d had it in my head for months. But by the response I’ve had, it seems it’s not just me that feels this way. When you blog you do open yourself up to all manner of responses from people and you never know which way it might go. In many ways I wish I had a constantly funny, ranting about my toddler, uber popular blog. But it’s just not me. And I’m learning that success doesn’t have to be what you think someone else has.
  2. Oh and another win – we’re now at over 1200 link ups on Instagram with our #funseekingkids hashtag! Which is pretty mega! If you love Instagram come and say hi.
  3. After four bloody months I’ve finally been paid for an article I wrote for another website. The joys of attempting to freelance, eh?
  4. I must try and make more time for my friends. I met up with an old work colleague for lunch this week and we realised we hadn’t seen each other since November. Poor, Suze. Poor!
  5. A mother’s instincts are usually right. At a trip to the park, Miss Belle was playing in her favourite wooden house. She’s discovered the ledges inside which I think are for sitting on. She started climbing. I could see it was going to happen before it happened… She slipped on her way back down and bit her lip. Blood, snot and tears galore. Poor thing! Here she was being all daring pre-fall!

I’m hoping the sun stays around and we can get out a bit more again next week. My bestie’s back from her holiday so I’m hoping we can have a trip out! Have a lovely weekend.




  1. Caroline
    13th May 2017 / 10:18 am

    I loved you post about competitive badness a great post and very true in lots of ways. Plus well done on your #funseekingkids hashtag it’s grown so quickly. I also was hoping for sun bit it appears we’ve started with a very grey morning here.

  2. 13th May 2017 / 2:12 pm

    I loved the article that for published for mums net, a big congratulations for you. Yay about being paid to write an article.

  3. 13th May 2017 / 9:28 pm

    What a great week you’ve had! Well done on the Mumsnet post, and on the link-ups. Count down to the holiday now!!

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