What I’ve learned this week #26

What I’ve learned this week #26

I can’t believe we have another long weekend ahead – whoop! Yay to more time as a team of three! Last weekend we had a fab one, seeing friends for lunch on Saturday and then taking our bikes to Blicking Hall Estate and seeing the absolutely stunning bluebells there. If you’ve not seen the pics do quickly check out my post, it really was awesome!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Yay to naps returning!! Maybe last week’s nap refusal was a brief phase? Who knows! Miss Belle has still been hard to get down but a couple of naps in the car have got her back into her routine of having a sleep in the day again. Then on Sunday night we had a disturbed night as she was sick in her cot. Mega YUCK! I actually think dealing with sick might be worse than dealing with poo, but I’m not sure… I’ll keep considering it…. We had to bath her and bring her into our room and put up the travel cot. So she needed a good sleep the next day to catch up. Our room has a dark purple blackout blind which makes it much darker than her room, so we’ve kept the travel cot up and so far she’s napped much better in there. So I might just keep that going for a while… or until the next house viewing dictates we take it down!
  2. Talking of house viewings, we have still not found a house, or sold ours. I’m running out of time to tick that off my April wish list!
  3. Whilst fake sleeping in a bid to encourage Miss Belle to go the feck to sleep, I heard not only a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star followed by “ssh sssh, Miss Belle outside” (which is what we say to her at bedtime). She then sat up and said to her teddy, “change your nappy”. She picked it up and sort of smelled it’s bum area! It was so funny!!!
  4. I’ve made some really good blogging friends through a mastermind group I’m part of. We’ve all been picking each other up when we’ve been feeling frazzled and down this week, which is lovely. And something I truly never expected that when I started blogging. I caught up with another friend and her little ones for a picnic this week. I was telling her about the crazy world of blogging, what’s involved, the pressure we put on ourselves. Her response was along the lines of “oh my, what have you got involved in!?” Quite! It is FULL ON.
  5. Line of Duty. How did I not know about this? We have caught up with nearly every episode of the current series this week. It is fantastic. I need to find out how I can watch series 1-3 now!

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday. We don’t have any set plans, we will see how the weather is and possible cycle or go swimming. What have you got planned? x


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