What I’ve learned this week #22

What I’ve learned this week #22

Well this week has been a good week. The sun has been shining and Miss Belle has been lovely. She’s been much more cuddly and hasn’t really bitten or tried to hurt me or anyone else for that matter. Always a win! She had a whole day at nursery without any “incidents”. Hurrah! Typical, it was the one week I didn’t pick her up! So, all in all I’m a happy Mummy. The good weather definitely brightens my mood, and as a result I think I’m happier and more fun to be around. Maybe it rubs off on her. Maybe she’s growing out of it (I won’t hold my breath!). Either way, I don’t care. Long may it continue!

What I’ve learned this week:

  1. Some films are just meant to be seen on the big screen. I went to see Beauty And The Beast this week. It was so good! Go see it if you can.
  2. There is a reason there are diversion signs put up when there are road works. I passed one and thought, “nah that can’t be because the road ahead is closed. I’m sure it’s just closed in the other direction….” Wrong! Refusing to drive 10 miles back on myself, I called Matt. He helped direct me down some very narrow back lanes in the dark until I was confident in my sat nav. With half of Norfolk following me!
  3. Oil. Oil, oil, oil….It’s a bugger to clean off toys! Miss Belle snuck a bottle of oil out of our pull-out larder cupboard and poured it into her toy steamer/pan. It went all over her kitchen, toy food and the kitchen floor! Just what you want when you have 40 mins to get showered, both get dressed, a bag packed and get out of the house!!! The steam cleaner shifted the majority off her toy kitchen, (and the wall!) There’s still some in the pretend hob that I can’t de-grease. Anyone for some extra oil with your pretend beans??
  4. At Tumble Tots Miss Belle went through her longest tunnel yet. It’s mad how proud that makes me. Really, I need to get over it. But, as she refused to go on the soft play section, one mum looked at me and said “oh one of those days?” I laughed but internally was thinking “just one of those lives!” She is as stubborn as they get and each week refuses to go on one section. At Mini Monkey’s, our soft play class, she also refused to do a roly poly. So, it may be old (and definitely not major) news, but I’ll take going through a long tunnel as a big step forward this week!
  5. Finally, my blogger friends are fab. This week I launched a new Instagram hashtag #funseekingkids with Alana from Burnished Chaos. I was a bit nervous and hoped people would use it. Last night I checked in on the hashtag and was so happy to see people using it! Thanks so much to everyone who’s getting involved!

This weekend we don’t have many plans other than going to get some new shoes for Miss Belle and perhaps a trip to the coast, depending on the weather.

I hope you have a good weekend.


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