What I’ve learned this week #18

What I’ve learned this week #18

Hurrah for the end of the week… is it bedtime yet? Probably actually, by the time I get around to publishing this, but wow, this week’s been hard work. Or should I say, toddlers are hard work. (Shocker, I know.) Miss Belle appears to be turning the corner into the terrible twos (something I foolishly thought might not happen to us!). That’ll teach me… must remember, better to be pessimistic about these things… or perhaps at least be a realist!

What I’ve learned this week:

  1. My husband had a “senior” moment last weekend. We sat down to watch the new Bond film, Spectre, with my parents. I saw it at the cinema on maternity leave with a friend (and our babies!) so he wanted to see it. He ordered it online after I apparently didn’t get him it for Christmas (not that I remember I was supposed to). In the opening scene he said “I have a funny feeling I have seen this before..” How!? That’s right, the DVD was upstairs. So now we have two copies!
  2. Do not start watching said film at 8.30pm, you will only fall asleep by 10pm and miss it. Doesn’t matter though, I’d already seen it…
  3. You may have seen I’ve started following the #Lean in 15 meal plan…. so far so good, but I feel like I’ve eaten way too many avocados and eggs this week. I’ve been full and haven’t had any cravings for sugary stuff, but… my mouth feels kinda funny.
  4. Miss Belle is getting perhaps too big for her boots, and whacked a kid over the head with a toy pan this week. There’s nothing like turning up to a new group with an unruly child and having a small cry on your friend. All the fun..
  5. And on that note I’ve just had a handful of peas thrown at me. Excuse me whilst I go scream into a pillow…..

Ah, luckily post dinner/blog writing, I was given a great big hug. All is forgiven. Living with a toddler is like riding a permanent rollercoaster, isn’t it!?

Have a good weekend


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  1. 3rd March 2017 / 9:32 pm

    I adores these posts Susie! We’ve all had peas thrown at us at one time or another! Haha. My husband is always falling asleep when we watch a film. He’s currently snoozing as I type haha.

    • thisismenow
      3rd March 2017 / 9:33 pm

      Haha oh well good excuse to read blogs! Thanks Hun they are my favourite to write but my least viewed which is annoying!! X

  2. 4th March 2017 / 8:46 pm

    Aww this was lovely to read – especially since you got your hug at the end!!! We’re only at 14 months and I fear we’re already approaching the terrible twos!!! And you’re not the only one that occasionally gets a pea or two thrown at them 🙂 #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. 4th March 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Ha ha! This made me giggle Susie – though I know it’s not funny at the time it’s happening to you!! Chin up though, I once had a corn on the cob dropped on my head by my toddler! (Think it was an accident….) xxx

    • thisismenow
      5th March 2017 / 7:09 am

      Hah thanks Rosie. I’ve come to the conclusion if I don’t laugh I will explode. Onwards and upwards! Xx

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