What I learned last week 51

What I learned last week 51

I’m a few days late posting this thanks to such a busy weekend – so it’s more of a look back at last week. We had my parents here Friday to Sunday and a birthday party yesterday afternoon so I didn’t get chance to write. We had a lovely weekend and Miss Belle has been so affectionate with my parents, offering lots of cuddles and requests for pat-a-cake with my mum, which was lovely to see.

What I’ve learned this week #51

  1. Little Man is in a challenging phase where he only seems to be able to nap for 30 mins at a time. Despite generally going til 4am he’s a pickle when it comes to naps in the day. But you can’t have it all!
  2. How many people does it take to put up a 10ft trampoline? 3! We finally got Miss Belle’s Christmas and Birthday present from my parents up, but it was a mission! Ok I only helped with the base, but I like to think I helped with the challenge!
  3. Miss Belle’s way of saying “I like this a lot”, or “this is my favourite thing to do” is “Mummy this is my the best!” She said at Church Farm this weekend looking at the baby lambs, it was so cute.
  4. Miss Belle is now waking with nightmares ever now and again. Last week Miss Belle had two bad dreams. One, a snake bit her finger (at 2am it was quite funny but the poor thing had tears streaming down her face) and another, there was a scary fish that came out of the water! I have no idea where either of these came from as she wasn’t watching or reading anything about these animals before hand!
  5. I had a hell of a day on Thursday.. two poo incidents, one from each child, a extremely whinge stressful trip to the shop, and one of those days where you’ve got no one to vent to so you just have to stare at yourself in the mirror, mutter FFS and pour yourself a large G and T at the end of it!

This week our classes are back and finally we have some decent weather and sunshine forecast – temperature of 25 predicted for Thursday awhoooooohooooo! So I’m looking forward to it!

Have a good week x


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