Weaning friendly fish pie with butternut squash topping

Weaning friendly fish pie with butternut squash topping

I’ll let you into a little secret, I never used to like fish pie. I’d never ever order it if out, let alone cook it and have a fish smell in my house. That was, until, one Christmas, Matt made an epic one from the Good Food magazine. That was our go to one but only for special occasions because it was faffy and took an age to make. We eat a lot of salmon but I struggle to get much other white fish into the children, other than in the fish finger format! So when my husband found this recipe for fish pie with butternut squash topping, we gave it a go, and it’s now a winner for the whole family! With a bit more sweetness than normal and a lovely white sauce, this is great for babies as it’s quite soft! It’s nice and comforting and now a family favourite.

Fish pie with butternut squash topping

Makes one pie to serve two adults, two kids and maybe a couple of portions for the freezer.


450g mixed sit fillets such as haddock and salmon (Aldi sell packs with pollock, smoked haddock and salmon already chopped which work perfectly).

350g potatoes, peeled and diced

350g butternut squash, peeled and diced

450ml milk

25g butter

55g plain flour

1 tsp wholegrain mustard

2tsp chopped parsley (optional)


Preheat the oven to 190/170 fan. Place the fish fillets on a tray covered with foil, add a knob of butter over the fillets, make a parcel with the foil to trap the steam, and bake for 20 minutes.

While the fish is cooking, peel and dice the potatoes and butternut squash. Boil until soft. This won’t take long, depending on how small you chop! Then mash together with some of the milk until soft. Add some black pepper to season if you like.

When the fish is cooked, pour the juices into the bottom of an ovenproof dish. Flake the fish and remove any bones, and add to the dish. (I always buy boneless fillets, but check just in case!)

Make the white sauce. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour until it forms a thick paste. Then slowly add the milk, stirring all the time, and heat slowly until it thickens and starts to bubble. Allow to simmer for a couple of minutes. Stir in the wholegrain mustard.

Poor the white sauce over the flaked fish in the ovenproof dish. Then cover with the butternut squash and potato mash. Sprinkle with parsley (if you have some, don’t worry if you don’t!)

Bake in the over for 25 minutes until the topping starts to brown.

Serve with whatever veg you like.

I like this recipe because it’s not too tricky or time consuming. The white sauce with the wholegrain mustard is really tasty, and the butternut squash adds some sweetness. I usually serve it with some green beans and broccoli and know they’ll have had a good healthy dinner. It’s also good because you can make the pie in advance and just pop it in the oven at tea time.

Are you looking for a comforting fish pie recipe that children and adults will like? This fish pie with butternut squash topping is weaning friendly, easy to make and can be made in advance. Check out the recipe on the blog. #recipe #fishpie #comfortfood #weaningrecipe #toddlerfood #babyfood #fish

If you try it I’d love to hear what you think!


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