What’s Miss Belle thinking? The Little One Tag

What’s Miss Belle thinking? The Little One Tag

A while ago I was tagged by Jade at The Newly Weds to take part in the Little One tag. It’s a fun set of questions where you imagine how your little human would answer if they could! Bearing in mind Miss Belle is talking pretty well I have a good idea of the answers. (I think the tag is perhaps intended for slightly smaller ones, but hey I wanted to join in!) So, I’ve elaborated a bit. Can you tell?!

The Little One Tag

What’s the best thing about being 2 years old?
Absolutely everything! (Apart from brushing my teeth – seriously, what’s that about?)

What’s your favourite toy?
I’m quite fond of my toy cottage. I play with my dolls (Dolly and Rachel) and tell them to go to sleep. But really I just love to do puzzles. Some days I don’t play with big toys, I just play with lots of jigsaw. Mummy says I’m a clever clogs but I don’t really know what that means?!

Favourite thing to do?
Other than puzzles?! Swings, swings, and more swings! I love to go to the park and play in the wooden house and tell Mummy it’s a cafe. When she asks for a piece of cake I tell her it’s “one pound!” and I feel so smart. I have also recently discovered the art of going down a slide on my tummy! Wow – so much fun!!! I also like to go out with my best friends and Mummy. Usually they stop for cake – win!

Favourite outfit?
Well I don’t really care yet, but Mummy likes to tell me I’m pretty. I like my Gruffalo’s Child dress, but it’s getting a bit small.

Favourite TV programme?
Oh easy – Peppa Pig is top of the list. Followed by Frozen, if only Mummy would let me watch the whole thing and stop turning it off after 20 minutes. Shit went down when she did that the other day. Don’t think she’ll be doing that again in a hurry. Then basically any other Julia Donaldson animation – we’ve got the lot that were on at Christmas still recorded. Good times!

Favourite book?
Ah, I love books. Again Julia Donaldson, eat your heart out. And I’m a big fan of Hairy McClary too. Oh and Spot. That dog and Helen are fuuuuuuuuny.

Favourite food?
I’ve recently discovered chocolate in a big way. I blame those chocolate Easter cakes! And oh my days. Get in my face. That and biscuits and cake of course. And a nice scone… And beans on toast…. I also enjoy a nice bit of Salmon and vegetables, fish fingers (obviously), my Mummy’s pea patties, and bix (Weetabix).

Favourite song?
Oooh this is a tough one. I love a bit of Old Mac Donald Had A Farm and The Wheels On The Bus. I do great arm movements to that. I’ve also learnt the words to “Let it Go” cos of all the Frozen I’ve been watching. That’s pretty good too.

What makes you laugh?
When Daddy flings me around to Grand Old Duke of York. That doesn’t get old. Tickles always make me laugh. And playing hide and seek. I can do that for ages just peeking round a door to look at Mummy. Hours of fun right there.

Who do you love and why?
I love Mummy, Daddy and my teddy/sheep thing. In fact I told Mummy “love that teddy” the other day. I get very distressed if he’s not with me. And I love my Nana, Grandad, Grandma and Silly Old Grandad. I’m a lucky girl 🙂



  1. 30th May 2017 / 3:48 pm

    Aw this is so cute, no wonder you wanted to take part. it’s so funny to give small children an older voice. I guess that’s why ‘Look Who’s Talking’ was such a success?

    • thisismenow
      30th May 2017 / 3:57 pm

      Yes definitely!! Thanks for reading x

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