My thoughts when Spinning

I love Spinning.

Like many mums, I am short on time. So, when I exercise, I want high intensity to get the maximum out of it.

I never was a gym goer at school. I was always the chubby one, that never got picked for netball or rounders. In fact, I was on the C team for rounders. Oh, the shame. It’s not really until university that I discovered the power of exercise, and how it can make you feel. I have dabbled with running (well, jogging, who am I kidding?) but Spinning is my current favourite. I love the music, and it’s definitely making me fitter and stronger. I am sure I only handled our 18 mile bike ride through the New Forest because of the recent Spinning classes I’ve been going to.

That’s not to say I find Spinning easy. Far from it.

Thoughts that go through my head whilst Spinning

1. “Is everyone alright with their bikes?” Not really, but must keep quiet so not to look like the class eejit.

2. This is amazing! This is the closest I’ve got to clubbing in years!

3. I am channeling my inner Laura Trott! I will have thighs of steal!

4. I’m getting a bit tired now. How long have we been going? 7 minutes?! FFS.

5. Need to pace myself – no one will know if I only turn the resistance up a quarter of a turn.

6. The instructor sounds like he’s training to be a midwife on One Born Every Minute with his constant screaming “Push PUSH PUUUUSSSSSH!!!!” It’s like being back in labour.

7. Why is he allowed to get off the bike for a breather to check up on us? You get back on and push, man!!

8. Oh crap, I think he’s noticed. Pretend to notch up the resistance a bit.

9. I wonder if everyone else is getting poked in the bum by the seat, or do I just have my bike set up wrong?

10. No, I think I can see some definite poking going on with that man over there. Better stop looking.

11. “90% should feel heavy” – YOU’RE TELLING ME!

12. I wonder if I should invest in some padded shorts. That man’s got some. Maybe he doesn’t feel the poking/pain/general discomfort?

13. Push ups? I’m sorry, what?! I thought this was cycling. No, just no.

14. My legs are so dead I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall off Bridget Jones style.

15. Oh good, my favourite bit, the stretches. But wait, seven second stretches are pointless! Drop a track next time so I can stretch properly, you great big doofus!

16. Thank God that’s over.

17. Feel sick.

18. Foof hurts.

19. Can’t walk.

20. Better go home and eat some chocolate to recover whilst watching Bake Off.

See, Spinning is great!



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