What I’ve learned this week #6

This week has been a bit ‘meh’ if truth be told. My mood has taken a definite turn for the worst and I’m sure some of the grey days haven’t helped. The start of the week was filled with frustrations and disappointment with friends and tradesmen cancelling on me last minute, meaning I was stuck indoors home alone more than I should have been. And last night Miss Belle came down with a temperature so we were all up in the night and are feeling a bit ropey today. Fingers crossed she’s on the mend quickly as we have plans for Bonfire Night tomorrow. So, onto what I’ve learned this week – don’t worry there are some positives!

What I’ve learned this week:

1. I am struggling a bit when we have days where we are home alone. I don’t know why I’m finding it so hard at the moment but I have had a couple of days where I have felt pretty lonely. It’s silly because I’m not alone, I chat along to Miss Belle all day long and we do quite a lot, but on the days where we have nothing on, it dawns on me mid afternoon that I haven’t spoken to an adult all day. It didn’t seem to bother me in the summer when the sun was shinning and I could sit outside and sunbathe or play with Miss Belle in the nice weather. But on a grey dreary day, it’s getting a bit hard.

2. Taking myself out for a walk or trip to the shops, seems to help. On Monday a friend cancelled on me because she was ill, so I thought about a) sitting indoors and eating chocolate all day, or b) going out for a walk. I took Miss Belle off on her trike, but she wasn’t in the mood and kept asking to get down or come up. On Tuesday another friend was busy and the plumber cancelled on me (for the second time!) so I took us off to The Range as I needed some photo frames…

3. I am a sucker in The Range, just like I was in Ikea last week. Despite not being crafty at all, somehow the craft department got me. I left £30 down with a range of paint and card (and photo frames) vowing we’d make home made Christmas cards this year. Good luck Mummy. Watch this space to find out how that turns out…

4. It is really hard to bake Parkin on a Wednesday and vow not to eat it until the weekend. I made it for our Bonfire Night gathering tomorrow. The cake gets better and sticker with time, so I made it a few days early. Obviously I had to taste test it when it came out of the oven. Not going to lie, there is considerably less than 15 pieces left now. Ooops.

5. When you’ve had a bit of a pants week, buying your toddlers first shoes lifts your mood. I love Miss Belle’s new boots from Clarks. I silently wept inside at the price considering they have told us they will last 6-8 weeks. But, still, look….

toddlers first shoes

Blogging wise:

1. I’ve finally set up a scheduler for my social media. I’m just testing one provider at the moment, but I can see the benefits.

2. My KidloLand app 3 month subscription giveaway ended on Wednesday and the three winners have been emailed by KidloLand – congratulations guys!

3. I learned I had been chosen as featured blogger for my post about my thoughts when Spinning in last week’s #ablogginggoodtime linky run by Diary of an Imperfect Mum and Mummy in a Tutu. Thanks guys 🙂

4. I have finally learned how to use Mail Chimp and set up my email newsletter so that if you subscribe to my mailing list you will never miss a post. You can add your email here:

5. I’ve just completed a fantastic five day course run by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy. She is the Mummy Blogger BOSS and someone I really look up to. I have learned so many tips and techniques about how to build my blog (including helping me set up my email newsletter!). There’s too many to list here, but it’s safe to say I’m excited about what the future could hold for me with this blog, it’s just bloody hard work. But, as the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it…


So there you go, told you they were some positives in there!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Bonfire Night!


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