To Miss Belle on your second birthday

A letter to my daughter on her second birthday.

Dear Miss Belle,

It’s the biggest cliché ever but I can’t believe you’re two! Last year on your first birthday I felt a bit emotional, thinking back to when you were born, and seeing how much you’d grown in that first year. I still think about that New Year’s Eve where I had a Jalfrezi that blew my head off, in the hope to speed things up. You arrived calmly and perfectly on New Year’s Day, the perfect start to the year. And now every year as we celebrate and look forward to another year, we celebrate your birthday too.

Now you are two, you have so much character! You are such a funny, cheeky and determined girl. You can win a staring stand off at the top of the stairs with that determined defiant look on your face. Just like your Mummy,  you love your food. The first thing you say to me every morning is ‘Naaana’ and then ‘Daddy’. You are such a Daddy’s girl. He flings you around and makes you scream with laughter every day. You know what you want and you like to tell me. You constantly ask to see your best little friends. It’s wonderful to see you forming friendships, laughing, chatting and playing with them.

I’m your constant. The one who feeds you, dresses you, plays with you and cuddles you when you’re poorly. You’re so affectionate and give us cuddles and kisses, flinging your arms around our necks saying “awww”. You’re talking and saying new words every day. Your latest thing to do is to hand me things and say “thanks”.

You are such a beautiful girl and you make me laugh every single day.


second birthday

I love you so much. I wish you the happiest of birthday’s ever.

Lots of love,

Mummy xxx



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