Dealing with the terrible twos, or not maybe!?

Oh dear, I fear the terrible twos are here. (Woah, that rhymed!) For the last couple of week’s Miss Belle has been different. Shouty. More stroppy. More hitty (I know not a word but you know what I mean.) She’s gone from my sweet little girl into a fierce defiant toddler. Her latest thing is to shout at me and say “NO! Mummy! MINE!!!” It’s wearing thin. I’ve written before about how she went through a biting phase. She did briefly get better at it, but it’s been getting worse again recently. And now we have the hitting and grabbing thrown in. With the “NO! MINE!!!” Sigh. I’m not dealing with the terrible twos very well…

A new low

Last week we (literally) hit another low. My beautiful, sweet girl, who I love more than life itself, hit another little boy at a toddler group. On the head. With a toy pan. For no reason. I was mortified. There they were sitting next to each other chucking blue rice about when all of a sudden she just whacked him on the head with it. He didn’t cry but he ran off to his Mummy who scowled at me. I apologised and immediately told her off. I told her to say sorry like we do at home. And she didn’t! Oh the shame!! She bloody well knows to say sorry, it’s the first thing she says when she does it at home. Why, WHY in that moment did she refuse!? Now I look like the mother who can’t control her child OR encourage her to say sorry! Sob!

How should I be dealing with the terrible twos?

With the biting, we’ve always told her off straight the way and put her in her cot, when we’re at home. But when you’re out and about you can’t do that. And if I did that every time she tried to pinch me or hit me, I’d be worn out. At the playgroup I told her if she did it again we’d go home and luckily for her, she didn’t. (I would have quite liked the excuse to leave at that point!) At her two year review the health visitor told me to go down the ‘reward for good behaviour route’. I told her if she was good and didn’t bite me, we could watch The Gruffalo at tea time. It worked. For two whole days. But then we’ve had a week of hitting and grabbing and biting again. The worst on my Mum’s tummy (sorry Nana!). And now this!

How long does it last?

I’ve been finding being at home harder over the last few weeks. Lonely, bored and fed up with dealing with the terrible twos. I know the days are long but the years are short, yada yada yada… but man, dealing with toddlers is hard work!

I don’t mean to be all ‘woe is me’ about it. Yes she’s only two. She doesn’t mean it, she’s a toddler! Loads of toddlers push, shove and hit. I know this is probably just the terrible twos and some kids just go through this “phase”. But surely not mine!?!?! Help me! What do I do? Nothing seems to be working and I am finding myself crying most days (on my mum, or my friend, or alone in the car) by 10am or 11am. When she’s lovely she’s so lovely. But when she’s a monkey, she’s, well, I won’t swear, but… Put it this way, I never knew what FML stood for before I read the Hurrah for Gin book and I had to Google it. Well, today, FML.

Anyone got any advice on dealing with the terrible twos? Answers on a postcard please….

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