So… yep. This is happening again!

Second Baby Announcement

I’m so relived to finally be able to share our news – that we are expecting another baby early next January. In fact my due date is a week after Miss Belle’s birthday! Excellent timing, I know.

I’ll keep this short as there’s not much to say other than that we are over the moon, so excited and slightly terrified (well me, more than Matt, I feel). I’m going through all the emotions, daily. The excitement about having a newborn to smell and cuddle (they smell amazing don’t they?!). The tiny fingers and toes. The baby grows. The butterfly like excitement I get in my tummy when I see pictures of siblings together and wonder what sort of big sister Miss Belle will be. The excitement as I picture our life as a family of four. And the fear. All. The. Fear.

You know, the sleepless nights, the struggles to breastfeed…will Miss Belle be jealous? Will she feel pushed out? The guilt I am almost already feeling that I will have to divide my time between two small people. And the fear of actually being able to cope looking after two small humans! Then there’s the serious stuff… Will I love the new baby as much as Miss Belle? Will I love it more? Surely that’s not possible?! Then there’s the anxiety… The pregnancy worries. No, I don’t mean the aches and pains, but the constant feeling that you never truly know what’s going to happen until you hold your baby safely in your arms. I guess you could call me a control freak. I don’t like things being out of my hands.

Oh and just because we don’t like doing things by halves, we now have a house move hopefully happening amongst all this. Yep, this week we also had an offer accepted on a house! Plus, ideally I need to potty train Miss Belle before the baby arrives. She also needs to come out of her sleeping bag. And we need to move her to a toddler bed. Maybe we don’t *need* to move her yet, but she’s attempting to climb if she’s not in a sleeping bag, so that kind of tells me we do.


But, this is life. We’ll get through it I’m sure. This is me now… eeek!!