Peppa Pig World: A Great Family Day Out

Peppa Pig World: A Great Family Day Out

We’ve recently got back from a week’s stay in the New Forest and first on the list of things to do was head to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park. I tried and I tried to avoid getting sucked into all things Peppa, but after realising that actually 5 minutes of TV could let me get stuff done, I reluctantly embraced Peppa Pig over a year ago. And it’s always been Miss Belle’s favourite thing to watch. She’s also got a mini Peppa teddy and a couple of Peppa Pig jigsaws my parents got her last year. So I was pretty sure she would enjoy the day, but I was slightly apprehensive about how she’d feel about “meeting” the characters. At Christmas she was scared of giant stuffed animals at Thursford so a little bit of me expected her to cry and be scared. Luckily, that didn’t happen!

Do you wonder whether Peppa Pig World is worth the money? We went whilst on holiday in the New Forest and it's a great family day out for families with toddlers and young children. Read all my thoughts and check out some photos on my blog.


Peppa Pig World

The website said the park opened at 10.30am. We arrived just after 10am as we wanted to get in straight the way as we knew we’d have to leave about 2pm. Everyone was being let in though, so we headed straight for Peppa Pig World. It was slightly confusing that there was a “Peppa and George Appearance” on the timetable for 10.15am given the opening time published was 10.30am, but seeing as we were early enough we managed to head straight there. Miss Belle was giggling and smiling straight the way!

Peppa Pig World Meeting George

Peppa Pig World

The rides

Unfortunately we went on a wet and grey day on the 5th June, not at all like a summer’s day! But hey this is Britain! We had our rain coats at the ready and despite feeling a bit chilly as we queued for a few rides, it didn’t really put a damper on our day. We didn’t have to queue for long for any of the rides, though I imagine it’s a lot lot busier when the schools are out and it’s a nicer day. The first ride we headed for was the hot air balloon ride. As we went up we could spot all the characters across the park. From Danny Dog to Zoe Zebra, they are all there!


Peppa Pig World Balloon Ride

Next, to shelter from some of the drizzle we headed for Peppa’s House. Inside there are animated figures with the recognisable voices talking over them. The scene is about the family making pancakes and it plays out as a mini episode would on the TV. Very clever and I kid you not, Miss Belle hung onto the railings and jumped up and down on the spot, she was so excited.

Peppa Pig World Peppa's House


Our highlight

One of the highlights of my day was watching Miss Belle and her Daddy go on George’s Dinosaur ride. It’s a dinosaur which bobs up and down and goes round a track past Peppa and George’s friends. I have an awesome video of her laughing her head off as it went past. If anyone asked me if the £54 ticket price for me and Matt was worth it, I’d have to say it absolutely was.

Peppa Pig World George's Ride

We then did a couple more rides, both in Grandpa Pig’s boat and train, and Daddy Pig’s car. These literally just went round a little track but Miss Belle loved it. Everywhere you turn you can see characters from the TV show.

Peppa Pig World Car Ride


Food and facilities

There were snack bars dotted around Peppa Pig World but the only bit of seating was inside the busy soft play area. As it was so cold we didn’t want to sit outside for lunch. So we headed to the Station Restaurant just outside Peppa Pig World, which the map indicated had seating. This was the one let down of the day. We bought Miss Belle a lunch box. Matt and I had soup (to warm up!) and a cookie and muffin.


The server in the restaurant was clearly lacking in customer service skills from the way she spoke to the man in front of me.  She then accidentally scanned my cookie twice. An easy mistake to make. I didn’t notice until I got back to the table and checked over the receipt. So I went back to the cashier and said she’d accidentally over charged me. She bit my head off and I was met with “I scanned it, you saw me, there’s nothing I can do”. Nice attitude! I pointed out she’d accidentally scanned it twice. Another member of staff intervened and I was given a refund. It was only £2 but it’s not the point. If she’d been my member of staff she’d have been given a serious warning and some training in how to speak to customers! Next time we will definitely take our own food, weather permitting!

Overall – a great family day out

Anyway, other than that criticism the day was great. Miss Belle had a ball and we loved seeing her so happy. Just before we left we did a couple more rides including Windy Castle (which is actually quite high!!) and queued up to properly meet Peppa and George. Miss Belle laughed so much I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying!

Meeting Peppa and George At Peppa Pig World

We are suckers and got completely drawn into the huge Peppa Pig toy shop and left with more puzzles (she does love a puzzle) and a mini rucksack. To be fair, I’d been meaning to get her one for a while. If you have a Peppa mad toddler I can highly recommend Peppa Pig World. If you are on holiday nearby or live within a few hours then I think it’s a great day out. We saw lots of children a similar age and I’m sure we will be back over the next few years!



  1. 14th June 2017 / 8:27 am

    Looks like you had a great day, I think we may have to venture there with L during the summer x

    • thisismenow
      14th June 2017 / 9:04 am

      Aw yeah go for it. We loved it x

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