This week has been a bit up and down. We’ve had some lovely days and a few boring ones to be honest. Miss Belle has been a bit hard work the last few days. She seems to be more and more hyper and has learned how to scream loudly at random intervals. All afternoon. Oh, the joy!

What I’ve learned this week:

  1. Miss Belle had her two year check with the health visitor on Monday. All was fine. They gave some advice about how to stop the biting and grabbing that is still happening. They said to try and reward her when she doesn’t do it, rather than just punish her by putting her in her cot and telling her off when she does. The first two days it worked great, but today and yesterday no such luck. We will keep trying, but I’m so fed up of it all! Any advice?!
  2. The main excitement this week had to be Miss Belle finally braving going through a tunnel at Tumble Tots! I know, wow, that this news is how exciting my week was! Toddler Going Through Tunnel
  3. Miss Belle is really into pretend play and has been walking around with the thing you use for online banking (what is that called?) saying “hello Mummy, hello Nana” and pretending to talk on the phone. Nutter.
  4. She’s still not quite worked out the concept of hide and seek. She counts to 10 for me to hide and says “ready or not here I come!”. But when it’s her turn to hide, I stand and count to 10 and when I open my eyes she hasn’t hidden anywhere and just shouts boo!
  5. I can finally tell you all I won a competition along with 4 other bloggers in November to write for Good to Know. They’ve just launched a #NotGuilty mum guilt campaign. I have written about how I find social media often ramps up the mummy guilt. Another reason to switch off all the notifications on my phone for the weekend. Please have a look, as whoever receives the most views will win a chance to write another piece for them again in the future. And, well, that would be nice.

My parents are visiting for a long weekend so I’m looking forward to catching up with them because we’ve not seen them since Christmas. We have another house viewing tomorrow too so fingers crossed for that!

Have a good weekend.

Susie x