I’d totally forgotten to write this this week, so this is being drafted as I sit in my PJs and have put on some wildlife programme for Miss Belle which has been on the planner since December. Anyone else have a planner full of documentaries they’ve just never got round to watching?! It was my birthday on Thursday and I had a lovely day with my best friend and her kids. She made a great picnic, some lovely rocky road, and gave me the best hamper. Thank you India, you’re the best!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. The Gruffalo Spotters app is fantastic! We had a lovely time using it at Thetford Forest last weekend going around the Gruffalo trail. We’ve been before but never used the app. Miss Belle thought it was fab, especially seeing the magic on my iPhone, which sadly, she’s obsessed with. She was still scared of the big wooden Gruffalo though. The wooden Gruffalo’s Child got a kiss though. What’s that about?!
  2. We had friends stay over on Tuesday night and I made an impromptu apple pie with the cooking apples we had from Matt’s mum and some left over sweet short crust pastry I had in the freezer, from my mince lies last Christmas! Still, tasted bloody delish. I’ll be sharing my epic pastry recipe this year.
  3. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the frustration caused by people using the “pay at pump” pumps at petrol stations, who then get out and go inside!! What’s that all about people?! I was in a rush this week and that really got to me. Pregnancy rage perhaps?!
  4. I had some more reflexology on my birthday and had the best nights sleep again. I really champion it and might write about the benefits soon.
  5. Yesterday we headed to our favourite beach, Wells-next-the-sea, because it was lovely and sunny and warm. We had no plans for the day other than preparing the house for a viewing in the evening. So I checked the weather app and that was it. The best thing about being a Stay At Home Mum is having the freedom to just do what we want and go nice places at the drop of a hat. Of course it ended up being slightly hard work. Maybe not as much as our first solo beach trip. It’s all fun and games til they start throwing the sand about! But, I made a wicked sand castle and enjoyed some moments of quiet calm just watching my toddler play and looking at the lovely sea.

Today we have Miss Belle’s friends birthday party to go to and plans for a nice family day out on Bank Holiday Monday.

Hope you all have a great long weekend.


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