May wish list

May wish list

I’m back with my glorified monthly to do list. I actually nearly forgot to write this, but remembered literally at the last minute, so this may not be as thorough as last months! Each month I am jotting down a mixture of blog and home life goals, to help me reach my 2017 goals I set out at the start of the year. Then each month I can look back and see what we’ve done as a family and what (if anything!) I’ve achieved for myself. So here is my May wish list.

First I’m checking off what I did/didn’t do last month…


  • Sell our house!  Big fat fail.
  • Find a house! See above!!
  • Sell our old wood burner. Nope – though it is now listed online. 
  • Have a clear out of my wardrobe. Nope.
  • Clear out old CDs/books for charity shops. Nope.
  • Keep on top of the garden/weeding etc. We’ve worked really hard on this the last few weeks so want to keep on top of it and not let it get out of control again. Yes! It’s looking good! 
  • Head to the beach one weekend. Yep had a lovely morning at the seaside. 
  • Go to a local lambing day as a family. Yes – we went to Felbrigg Hall’s lambing event.
  • Do some Easter baking with Miss Belle. Obviously knew I’d smash this! Did chocolate Easter egg nests! 
  • Do some Easter crafts with Miss Belle. I have a mountain of used loo rolls that surely I can muster into something!? Hmm made 2 home made cards so that counts?! 
  • Visit my parents, brother/sister in-law and cousin. Yep, was brief but good. 

For me:

  • Continue with the Lean in 15 plan for the month. Not really stuck to this but switched things up with some more Slimming World meals.
  • Keep up with exercising three times a week – spinning and insanity and swimming/HIIT at home. Some weeks three times, some weeks only twice, but I’m ok with that. 
  • Get some new trainers and go for a couple of runs. Well I went for one run, but desperately still need new trainers. 
  • Fill in and send my form back to Age UK to be one of their volunteer befrienders. Application has been sent. 
  • Read a new book – Sense and Sensibility. Started but not even half way through.
  • Switch off my laptop/phone by 9pm every night. Hmm I think I’m sort of half doing this but it still creeps later. 

On the blog:

  • Cut down on the number of linky’s I’m doing. I have done this and have more time, but my traffic took a slight dip some weeks. Overall though for April it’s slightly higher than March. Hurrah! 
  • Continue to promote #funseekingkids and start a new weekly round-up post every Thursday – done! 
  • Go over some more old posts and tweak them for SEO. Can’t remember! 
  • Continue with a photography course I’ve bought. Really haven’t done any of this in March. Big fat fail.
  • Get in touch with some old contacts about potential freelance writing or PR work. I made a start on this last month but need to think about realistically what time I have. Started to look at options but need to really think harder about it. 

My May wish list

My May wish list. Home life, blog life goals and a bit of me time planned!

May is going to be super busy with only one spare weekend where we haven’t got plans, so I’m being a bit more realistic!


  • Sell our house!
  • Find a house!
  • Sell our old wood burner.  
  • Have a clear out of my wardrobe.
  • Clear out old CDs/books for charity shops.
  • Have a family day out one weekend.

For me

  • See my friends for a spa afternoon and night out at a hen do! Can not wait!
  • Go to my first Blog Conference and stay with my friend too – super excited/nervous!
  • Go to Radio 1’s big weekend with Matt!
  • See my parents/family when I’m up north.

On the blog

  • Get some more posts written to schedule in for June when I will be away.
  • Carry on alternating the number of linkys I do.
  • Write a couple of guest posts for people.
  • Go over my notes from my last blogging challenge and apply them to old posts.
  • Go over some more old posts and tweak them for SEO.
  • Continue with a photography course I’ve bought.

So there you have my monthly wish list for May. I’m looking forward to letting you know how I get on.


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  1. 3rd May 2017 / 11:08 am

    Tweaking old posts and finding a house always seem to be on my to do lists. They always fail!! Good luck with yours! #familyfunlinky

  2. 3rd May 2017 / 9:37 pm

    This is a great list, and I could do with taking a leaf out of your book too! I have never ending to-do lists, and never seem to get to the bottom of them. You achieved plenty of good things from your previous lists too. I did a de-clutter before we moved last month (or so I thought), but I’m having to do another one as I can’t even find a place for all of our stuff here! #TheListLinky

  3. 5th May 2017 / 10:31 pm

    Well done with last months goals. I cut down on linkies last month too and had a big dip in traffic, I’ve taken on more again this month and I’m missing the extra free time of an evening so I’m thinking the reduced traffic may be worth it. Good luck with this months goals, can’t wait to see you at BlogOn x

  4. 6th May 2017 / 9:33 am

    I’ve cut back on the number of linkys I join in with too. Good luck with selling your house and finding somewhere new. #FamilyFun

  5. 6th May 2017 / 9:06 pm

    OH good luck with the house sell and purchase – it is so stressful isn’t it. Enjoy Radio 1 big weekend and family time it sounds like you have a lot of nice things happening in May. What is a volunteer befriended? This really sounds like something I would be interested in doing? I think i’ll have to find out more. Thank you for joining us at #familyfun

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