Making life easier with Bidvine

Making life easier with Bidvine

Like many parents I am time poor. I seem to long for more hours in a day to tackle my never ending To Do list. And as some of you will know we’ve been trying to sell our house. We sold it a month or so ago only for it to fall through about a week and a half later. Now it looks like we’ll be staying put until after our baby is due in early January. So this means that we will need to change our study into Miss Belle’s bedroom. Cue… painting and decorating and getting even more stuff done whilst either heavily pregnant or with a newborn. All the fun. Matt works full-time and there’s no way I’ll do a good job, or have the energy to even try. So, I’ll be choosing to look for a painter/decorator locally. And that’s where Bidvine comes in.


What’s Bidvine?

Bidvine is a website which makes your life easier! It helps you find professionals from event photographers to plumbers in your area. All you have to do is put in what you’re looking for and your postcode, and then follow a few questions.

So, when I wanted to look for bids for a painter decorator, I selected Interior Painting. I was then asked a series of questions where I put in the type or room concerned, the size, and the condition of the walls. You can even say whether you’ll supply the paint or not. The questions are specific to the service you’re looking for. And all of these specific questions help ensure your quote is as accurate as possible. It only takes a few minutes to fill in. Then Bidvine sends the information to trusted local professionals. They will then get back to you within a few hours with their quotes for your job so you can compare and decide who you want. It couldn’t be more simple!

Anyone who contacts you is interested in doing your job for you, and actually pays Bidvine to declare their interest, so you know they want your work. Plus, customers can review the professionals after they’ve used them so there is handy rating system to help you choose who you’ll select. Once you’ve chosen who you want to do your job you can contact them through Bidvine, by phone or email.



The range of services you can look for is pretty extensive. If by some miracle we do sell our house in the next few weeks (and also crucially find a new house), I’ll be able to use the service to search for removals companies too.

Have you ever used Bidvine before? I’d definitely recommend it. It’s so straight forward to use and I can see myself using it for years to come. Drumming lessons for the kids, personal trainer for yourself, caterers for your parents wedding anniversary party? The ways Bidvine can make your life easier are endless!

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