Little Man at six months

Little Man at six months

Little Man, how are you already six months old? I know it’s the oldest cliché, but really, where has this year gone? 

We’ve just started weaning and so far you seem to love your food, just like your sister did. Given your genes, it’s hardly surprising! Your hand eye co-ordination is fab and you’re already trying to feed yourself with the odd bit of finger food. The first time I tried you with a bit of baby porridge last Monday, you grabbed the spoon and pulled it towards your mouth. I forgot how exciting this stage is. 

These past few months have gone so fast. You started rolling, but then haven’t really done it that much since the first few times. You do like to go onto your side though when you fall asleep. 

Everything has to go in your mouth. I’ve started trying to read to you more and got some board books from the library, but all you want to do is chomp on them!

We went through a tricky spell with naps where you cried unless you were fed, but something then just clicked a couple of months ago. Maybe I started to read the signs better. We realised we’d been leaving it too late I think and needed to try to put you down earlier. And now, generally, I can put you down awake and you’ll just settle yourself to sleep. I am so lucky, I know! You’re not a thumb sucker but you seem attached to sucking on two of your middle fingers to sooth yourself. It’s super cute and it helps you to calm yourself when you’re tired. 

We’ve had our first holiday away. We went to Northumbria for a few nights and you slept the best of us all! Our first night we stayed in a tree house yurt and you slept through until 6.30! I was worried you’d be cold but you were fine and slept soundly. Your sister was up before you! We also stayed with Nanna and Grandad and you seemed to love having some cuddles with them. It’s lovely for me to see. You’re such a smiley boy, everyone always says so. 

On the sleeping front, you’re not exactly consistent. Sometimes you sleep through but sometimes you wake, usually only once, and it can be anywhere from between 3.30 and 5.30am. I can’t complain though. It’s totally manageable. You’ll have to move to your own bedroom soon though because you’re getting so big for your crib. I don’t like the thought of you not being next to me though, especially if I need to feed you in the night because we don’t have a feeding chair in the nursery… We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though, I guess. 

Your favourite thing in the whole world is still watching your sister. Your little face lights up whenever she talks to you or even when she’s playing and chatting to herself or dancing around. You follow her about with your eyes and you beam with the biggest smile. I can’t describer the feeling of love like it, seeing the way you adore her. It’s the reason I keep saying to Daddy, go on, just one more….! I keep telling her you love her so much and that she needs to be more gentle with you!! She also adores you and loves to cuddle you, but doesn’t always know her own strength!! 

You’ve taken a bottle a few times now and let Mummy have a day out with just Miss Belle. We’re keeping fingers crossed you’ll also let me have a night off bedtime duties next week. I’m longing to get back to doing some form of exercise too. 

You’re so alert now. So interested in the world and everything around you. And our weaning adventures are only just beginning, so I know we’re in for an exciting summer. You’re very nearly sitting on your own, so as soon as you master that, I feel some beach days and picnics at the park will be on the cards. 

Thank you for being such a wonderful, happy boy. xxx


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