Little Man at 3 months

Little Man at 3 months

The past few months have flown by in a flash and I don’t want to miss a thing. So, whilst I have next to no time to blog, I also know I will kick myself, if I don’t record these moments. As anyone with a baby will know, they change so much so quickly, and time just goes too fast. So I’m going to try to record some baby updates, when I can. I would like to say monthly, but who knows if I will be able to stick to that! It’s been two months since I wrote about becoming a family of four. Anyway, let’s give it a go!

Little Man at 3 months old

So Little Man, you’re now three whole months and you’re giving me so much more. You’ve come alive in the last few weeks and have been far more smiley and given me a lot more interaction. You did smile before, but not as much as this. Now you coo and chat and gurgle away to us. This is what I remember Miss Belle being like as a baby.

My favourite time of day is when you wake up and lie on our bed smiling and chatting away whilst your sister watches Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol. Your sister finds it adorable and says in a high pitched voice “Look Mummy, he’s doing smiles!!” You like your playmat more than you did and will have a bit of a kick about and dance to the music on that too. You love looking in the mirror and you’re starting to grab and hold things, though sometimes your little fist is still clasped so tightly shut I have to try and prize open your fingers to give you a toy!

Little Man At 3 Months

We’ve started baby sensory and you seem to like it. We started when you were just 10 weeks old and surprisingly you’ve managed to stay awake for both classes before we broke for Easter. It’s been nice to have some one on one time with you and watch you take it all in and explore new things.You’re continuing to feed well and are such a chunky monkey. You’re in 3-6 months clothes and have been since you were about 10 weeks. Again this is such a contrast to Miss Belle. I think you look about the size she was at 5 months! But I can’t find her red book so I can’t really compare your weights!

Breastfeeding is now a joy and I feel so lucky we are able to do it. When you’re feeding and you look up at me with your big blue eyes and give me a big grin like “Mmm Mummy, this is good!” it melts my heart. Those bedtime cuddles are the best. Though I’m worrying because I need you to take a bottle at bedtime in a few weeks so we are going to have to do a couple of trial runs. Either that or I’ll bottle it and cancel my plans…I suspect this may be the case. You may be my second baby, but I still worry about leaving you. I hastily booked tickets to see Mother Pukka in Norwich later this month, thinking I’d be fine. But we will see…

This past week or so nap times have been stressing me out a bit because you don’t seem to be able to fall asleep on your own unless you’re in the car. You used to fall asleep in your vibrating bouncy chair but even that’s lost the magic. (Apparently it’s a “wonder week” so maybe it’s this, though I’m more sceptical about these phases this time!) You seem to want a cuddle or feed to send you to sleep. We did go through this temporarily with Miss Belle too. And although in my mind I’m scared you’ll never self settle, I am more relaxed knowing your sister did and that you’re still so tiny really. I know if you’re tired, you will sleep somehow and it doesn’t really matter how you get to sleep, as long as you do.

More than anything I worry you’ve not got a rough routine in terms of daytime naps. Every day is different with different things on. You tend to need four short naps at the moment but sometimes you’ll have a big nap if we’re out and about and you’re warm and cosy in your car seat or pram. I guess being the second baby you’ve had to just get on with it. But you’re fine, which is the main thing, so we will stick to what we’re doing for now.

You seem to love your sister and will look over in her direction whenever she’s about. Even though she still is inclined to get right in your face! (Do other three year olds not seem to understand personal space?!) She adores you and wants to give you the biggest squeezes and cuddles, some more gentle than others! You tolerate a lot. Though she’s still quite jealous and says all your toys and the play-mat are hers! I can’t wait to see your bond grow as you both get older.

Little Man At 3 Months With Sister

We’ve started doing bed time together and it’s my second favourite part of the day. You sit on mine or your Daddy’s lap whilst the other reads to your sister. I’ve been amazed that you seem to really look at the books. I’m sure you can’t actually tell what you’re looking at though! And this last week you’ve had some lovely long sleeps doing eight or more hours at night and sleeping through one night, which has been amazing. Everything seems easier when I’ve had a decent sleep. More of that please!

That’s about it for now. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.


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