Lambing at Felbrigg Hall

Lambing at Felbrigg Hall

Despite living in Norfolk and growing up in Yorkshire I can’t say I remember ever going to see new Lambs, so when we heard there was a Lambing event at Felbrigg Hall we decided to go. We had friends visiting, the weather was lovely, sunny and warm, so we packed up a picnic and went along. It was the first time we’ve taken Miss Belle and she really seemed to understand what was going on. At just over two she’s taking in everything we say and is learning new words and phrases every day. So I told her we were going to see some baby Sheep and she was very excited! Here’s how we found the Lambing at Felbrigg Hall in North Norfolk.

The Maternity Ward

In the first barn were a few pens with Sheep and Lambs in. This was referred to as the maternity ward, as they were being kept an eye on. There had been some form of slight complication at birth so they were being monitored and kept separately. A member of staff was there to tell us all a bit about them. One Ewe had three Lambs, but two were breach, so she needed a bit of help. As you can see we were really close. I told Miss Belle to be nice and quiet!

Lambing At Felbrigg Hall

The Nursery

In “the nursery”, an outside area, were Lambs aged 3-5 days old, with their mums. There were a few different Ewes and their offspring in there and the Lambs looked a little bigger, and so cute. I got this lovely pic.

Lambing At Felbrigg Hall


Sheep In Waiting

Then we went into two very big barns where there were the expectant Ewes. This is where we were told we may see a Lamb being born, if we were lucky. A member of staff said two had been born about 30 minutes earlier in the next barn. So we popped along. Sure enough we saw the Ewe washing her two new Lambs which the farm staff had put into a small pen. It was interesting to see all the other Sheep sniffing around them!
Lambing At Felbrigg Hall Although we weren’t lucky enough to see them being born, we watched as one of them stood for the first time. They were so wobbly on their little splayed legs! Very cute. Miss Belle enjoyed watching “baby Sheep!” Lambing At Felbrigg Hall

And he’s up! The one on the left stood for the first time. Lambing At Felbrigg Hall


Holding the Lambs

Despite a bit of a queue I wanted to show Miss Belle a Lamb close up so we waited and had a chance to hold one. I sat with a two-day old Lamb on my lap and Miss Belle gave it a stroke. She was so gentle. I really think it’s important for children to learn about animals. It’s lovely to see her being so caring and gentle (especially when we all know she can be a bit fierce towards me!)

Lambing At Felbrigg Hall

Lambing At Felbrigg Hall

Lambing At Felbrigg Hall

There was also another section in the barn where some Lambs were being bottle fed. These were Lambs where there were three or four born and the mum didn’t have enough milk. Miss Belle saw some other Lambs feeding from their Mum’s and came home saying “Sheep having the milk” – so she’s got the concept of feeding!

Lambing at Felbrigg Hall Farm this Easter

We really enjoyed visiting Felbrigg Hall Farm for their Lambing event on Saturday. It is on again over the whole Easter weekend, if you’re local and looking for something to do, I can highly recommend it.  The event is run by the farm, not the National Trust, so there is an admission charge. It cost us £12 for two adults and one toddler. After we’d seen the Lambs and washed our hands we had a lovely picnic and walk around the beautiful Felbrigg Hall estate and gardens. For more information check out the website here.

Lambing Event At Felbrigg Hall North Norfolk


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  1. Caroline
    10th April 2017 / 4:07 pm

    This looks amazing Susie, we are off to a farm later in the week xx the lambs are soon cute

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