June wish list

I nearly didn’t write my June wish list as we are going to be away for three whole weeks in June. So it will sort of read like this: Get ready for holiday. Go on holiday. Stop blogging for a bit! But I don’t want to flop after just a few months so I’ve written it, it’s just short!

Each month I am jotting down a mixture of blog and home life goals, to help me reach my 2017 goals I set out at the start of the year. At the end of June I am going to reassess those blogging goals in particular. Some I know I’m doing ok with and some I’m nowhere near, so I might need a bit more focus! Time to look back and see what we’ve done as a family and what (if anything!) I achieved for myself in May


  • Sell our house! Still no! Gutted.
  • Find a house! Well we sort of have – but they won’t accept an offer until we’ve sold. So we are stuck! 
  • Sell our old wood burner.  No and I’m now taking this off the list until the Autumn. Wrong time of year!
  • Have a clear out of my wardrobe. No!
  • Clear out old CDs/books for charity shops. No! 
  • Have a family day out one weekend. Yes we had a lovely trip to the beach.

For me

  • See my friends for a spa afternoon and night out at a hen do! Yep – was fab!
  • Go to my first Blog Conference. Ditto! 
  • Go to Radio 1’s big weekend with Matt! We actually gave our tickets to my cousin after so many busy weekends travelling I needed a bit of a break.
  • See my parents/family when I’m up north. No but we’ll see them next week.

On the blog

  • Get some more posts written to schedule in for June when I will be away. Sort of! Maybe two!? 
  • Carry on alternating the number of linkys I do. Yes – I have actually cut down loads the last few weeks and luckily my traffic hasn’t suffered so that’s good news. 
  • Write a couple of guest posts for people. I’ve done one, still got another to do. 
  • Go over my notes from my last blogging challenge and apply them to old posts. Not had time. 
  • Go over some more old posts and tweak them for SEO. Not had time. 
  • Continue with a photography course I’ve bought. Not had time. 

My June wish list

My June Wish List, a monthly to do list for Susie at This Is Me Now.


  • Sell our house – seriously, please. Someone?
  • Have a clear out of my wardrobe (hopefully achievable whilst packing!)
  • Enjoy our two holidays we have planned in the New Forest with my parents and then just us three in Spain.

For me

  • Enjoy a proper break whilst in Spain. I’ll be cutting down on social media and blogging this month. I want a complete two week break. Let’s see if I can stick to it!
  • See our friends for a weekend on the way to the New Forest.
  • See our friends for a BBQ/lunch play date on our one spare weekend!
  • Sort out father’s day presents and my brother and Matt’s birthday presents! Argh!

On the blog

  • Schedule a couple of posts a week for whilst I’m away.
  • Learn how to schedule stuff on Facebook and do it!
  • Schedule some Instagram pics for whilst I’m away too.
  • Go over my notes taken at BlogOn and apply them where necessary.
  • Go over my notes from my last blogging challenge and apply them to old posts. 

So there you have my monthly wish list for June. It’s definitely going to be quieter on here for me this month but I’ll be back on it in July!



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