What I’ve learned this week #49

What I’ve learned this week #49

Good morning everyone and happy weekend. I should have posted this last night but I was too tried to write! Yesterday we had a really productive day but by 6pm I was shattered!  So here’s a very brief run down of this week’s events… hoping I can remember it all!

What I’ve learned this week

1. I made a massive Mummy fail last Saturday night. My parents were here as Matt was away and as I love bonfire night I insisted we have a few fireworks in the garden. I went to Tesco and bought some on 3 for 2. Got home to find a full packet of rockets from last year unopened, plus some other bits opened from last year. Opps. I got the quietest ones both years, you know, the ones for “young families”. Last year Miss Belle liked them. This year we tried one fountain, which although pretty, was louder than I remembered. Miss Belle jumped out of her skin. Then we tried the quiet rocket, and the whoosh, although quiet, surprised her and she screamed! So we gave up after two fireworks. Excellent. Oh well, perhaps we’ll do a few on New Year’s Eve once she’s gone to bed!

2. On Monday Matt was off as he’d been away for a few days so we went to playgroup so he could see what it was like. I warned him it gets loud sometimes. This week was actually pretty tame so I laughed when he said the noise levels had ramped up a bit at one point! If only he knew!!

3. We also took Miss Belle swimming on Monday and she was really good in the pool, which was nice. A week previously we’d tried a new swimming class which was a disaster. I haven’t written about it, but she just cried the whole time. So we have decided that Matt should just keep taking her on a weekend as she seems to be growing in confidence doing it that way. I did a few lengths too but I felt sore afterwards. Then I also had yoga that night too. For the next few days I had ligament pains so had to take it really easy. On Thursday we had a lazy day and even had a joint nap! By yesterday I felt much better. So important to listen to your body.

4. Miss Belle has started to be a bit more imaginative with her play which is lovely. Yesterday we went to the park and at the “cafe” (that’s the play house thing to you and me) I ordered a Tuna Salad. (I’d already had an ice cream, scone and cup of tea and biscuit!) When I asked how much it was she responded “£2.20!” So cute. Everything’s always been just “one pound!” before.

5. Since publishing my post on Monday about why we’ve stopped potty training, Miss Belle has actually used the potty a few times in the mornings when she’s been nappy free. No accidents, and  i’ve had “Mummy I need a wee” so I think the signs are showing again. However I’m in no hurry now I’m getting big, so I think we will just take it gently gently as and when she asks or shows interest. I so regret starting when we did. But, I’ve had some lovely and supportive comments from fellow parents so that has been nice and helped me feel a bit less bad.

That’s about it. Other than the baby clothes are finally out of the loft and the neutral newborn stuff has been washed! Hooray! Getting super excited now and one of my best friends is due today so it’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks! I loved showing Miss Belle what she used to wear, although she was more interested in her old baby toys she discovered! I do feel guilty I’ve only bought a couple of new things for this baby so I’m definitely going to try rectify that! We and are heading to a baby shop today so hopefully I’ll find some other nice bits. Tomorrow we have a few things to do in the house and a friend’s birthday party to go to. And pancakes and swimming on Sunday morning like usual!

Have a good weekend.



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