What I’ve learned this week #37

What I’ve learned this week #37

Hello! My weekly updates are returning. They’ve just been on a hiatus during June whilst we were away. And last week I couldn’t wait to write about our baby announcement! Despite wondering whether to carry on with these, I do like to look back on our weeks. I just read one from a while ago and it’s lovely to look back and see everything that has happened.

This week has been what I would call, a bit shit. After the high of last week, getting an offer accepted on the house we wanted, and then having our baby scan and knowing all was ok on that front, this week has been a bit crap. I suppose we were due it! Our house sale has fallen through which means we have to go back on the market and can’t proceed getting the one we want. Big fat bugger and balls!

What I’ve learned this week

  1. House buying is probably not a good idea when pregnant. You can’t drink wine.
  2. Bribery is pretty much all I have to encourage Miss Belle to sit on the potty. We’ve had one Frozen induced pee on the potty this week. Sort of a win!?
  3. Miss Belle is so affectionate to me at the moment. It started when we went on holiday to Spain and it’s continued now we are home. She constantly runs at me and shouts “cuddles!” with her arms wide open. On Wednesday when I was feeling flat I asked her for a cuddle and she replied with “of course Mummy”. She put down her toy and walked over to me and gave me a lovely hug. So sweet, and it definitely made me feel better.
  4. She had her first ever Frube today! It was part of a particularly shocking lunch box thing from the cafe in Sainsbury’s (yes, I know I should have gone to Costa). It was a messy experience. I think she liked it by the way she inhaled it!
  5. And finally, just to lift my mood even more, today she finally did a roly poly at Tumble Tots. Hurrah!

Have a good weekend. We have plans with friends tomorrow, a birthday party on Sunday and some more cake baking to fit in somewhere too. Oh and if you’ve not entered, check out my giveaway to win £25 of Organix foods at the end of my Organix no junk carrot cake recipe post. It’s open until Wednesday 26th July.

Bye for now.



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