What I’ve learned this week #30

What I’ve learned this week #30

I don’t really want to write this after the terrible week we’ve had here in the UK. The bomb attack in Manchester shocked us all. To know a lot of the victims were children themselves just made me sick to the stomach. What a world. And sadly, in the 30 weeks since I’ve been writing these round-ups, it’s the second week in which we’ve seen terrorism here in the UK. In fact the last time was just 9 weeks ago. And once again, terror puts things into perspective. Tonight, as I was about to leave Miss Belle with Daddy to do books and bed, I decided to just stay in the moment that bit longer. I stayed whilst he read her the books and I just cuddled her. (It helps that she napped and has therefore been a delight this afternoon). But still, some things are more important…

What I’ve learned this week

  1. Last Sunday I went to BlogOn in Manchester. I could probably write a whole post about what I learned there. But the main things were, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I didn’t feel like a total dick giving out business cards to brands. And I met some lovely people. I met up with a blogger friend at the entrance and we chatted for a bit. Then after the welcome speech I met Alana from Burnished Chaos who I run #funseekingkids with. We went to the same talks throughout the day and pretty much hung out all day. She was just as lovely in person and I’m so pleased we finally met!
  2. The no napping phase that we are dipping in and out of is continuing. I partly wonder if Miss Belle just knows I’m weaker on this. When I was away for two days Matt managed to get her down for a nap, both here and at her grandparents (where she doesn’t usually nap). Roll on Tuesday and I just get half an hour of “Muuuuuummmy!” shouted constantly and really loudly. With the windows open in this heat I was worried someone might call social services, so I gave up!
  3. Having said that, the good old Dinosaur Park didn’t fail to work it’s magic today and I managed to get an hour and a half of sunbathing in my hammock once I’d transferred her from the car to her cot. Good timing Miss Belle, good timing indeed! It’s been a scorcher!
  4. The Dinosaur Park has a “Splash” zone which I thought she’d love today. Last year I took her in there briefly before she was walking and she was too young. She didn’t like it at all. Fast forward a year and she’s still not a fan. Every other kid in there was running around like a loon, through the fountains and down the slide. Not so for us. It took all the encouragement in the world to get her to splash her hands in a very shallow puddle! Ah well, there’s always next year…
  5. I should have perhaps anticipated this. On Tuesday I got the paddling pool out in the garden. It took an age to fill up. I put the slide into it, thinking that would be fun. Nope. She wouldn’t go in it. When I eventually pulled the slide out, she only stayed in the paddling pool for a few minutes. It’s weird as she loves her baths but swimming and paddling pools just don’t seem to be her thing yet. Luckily it looks like we’ll have some time to practice this bank holiday weekend!

Hope you all have a great BBQ, sun filled, paddling pool in the garden type of long weekend!


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  1. 28th May 2017 / 6:48 pm

    Hope you’re having a great Bank Holiday weekend. I love that you chose to just ‘stay in the moment’ a little longer. I think we should all do more of that, whatever the reason. Our lives are so busy that we are in danger of missing those special things if we don’t stop and take it all in now and again.

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