What I’ve learned this week #2

What I’ve learned this week #2

This week has been pretty busy. Last weekend we were visiting family for my nephew’s birthday, so the weekend went in a flash. Earlier this week I got to catch up with an old work friend who I haven’t seen for months. It was short and sweet but lovely to see her. We have also started a couple of new classes to help Miss Belle get more confident with her walking which is still really wobbly. She’s a bit shy in the classes but I’m hoping she’ll come out of her shell soon. I’m enjoying getting into a new routine with her.


What I’ve learned this week:

1. A child’s 5th birthday party at an indoor soft play place, is loud. Very loud!

2. Sometime’s you need someone else to point out the positive in things – thanks to a cuppa with my friend Clare for this one.

3. Exercising with a friend is the key! I’ve started swimming with a friend on a Monday night in a bid to get the week off to a healthy start. Although every week I don’t want to go, and it’s flipping freezing when you get in (seriously, our pool is SO cold), swimming makes me feel great. We go away in 6 weeks so I’m trying to exercise at the gym three times a week and watch what I eat a bit more, in a bid to feel less flabby on the sunbed. Onward and upwards with the swimfit cards!

4. The key to a successful first hair cut is snacks and an iPad.

5. There is nothing more sole destroying than making a home made meal which your toddler refuses after one mouthful. Once it’s been spat out once, that’s it, game over. Half an hour of pleading later, and she’s having breadsticks for tea.

6. Actually there is something more sole destroying – spending 45 minutes of a Tumble Tots class saying “step up, step up, step UP!” as you encourage your wobbly unstable toddler to climb up a slide and not crawl everywhere on her knees.

7. When she does want to walk though, a trip to the park is revolutionary!

Toddler Chasing Ducks

8. Sometimes, as much as you don’t want to, it’s easier just to embrace Peppa Pig.

9. It’s probably not acceptable to open the newly bought Gin as soon as you walk in from the supermarket at 1pm, as much as you might want to. (What time is acceptable? 5pm… 4.30pm on a Friday??)

10. Sometimes all it takes are some encouraging and kind words to lift your mood. This week I’ve had two nice emails about my blog which have really encouraged me and made me think that all the time and effort I am putting into it, might be worthwhile. I started this blog as a hobby, to keep my skills up and to learn something new. I never knew how time consuming it would be. Blogging is addictive, overwhelming and hard work, especially when you hear or read something that makes you think people don’t like what you’ve written. But I am learning something new every day and I am loving it. It’s an exciting time.

Happy weekend everyone – time to crack open that Gin!


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