What I’ve learned this week #11

What I’ve learned this week #11

I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to carry on with my weekly round-up style post as I’ll be honest, it usually gets the lowest number of views. But, I think that’s because I don’t promote it nearly as much as my other posts. But, when I remember that this blog is actually for ME (my memories, my online sort of journal if you will) so I’m going to keep going, because it’s nice to look back and see what I’m learning about motherhood, blogging and life in general.

I like writing a list and looking back at my week, the good, the bad and the ugly!

What I’ve learned this week:

  1. Miss Belle is getting more confident at her soft play class. There were no tears at parachute time this week and she even went under it – that is a big fat win!
  2. I love my new passion planner. (No, not that sort of passion!) It’s a super dooper amazing organiser and I absolutely love it. It gives you a monthly view, then a day (with half hour time slots in, perfect for appointments and classes and tasks to do at nap time) and a monthly reflections bit where you look back on what’s been good/bad in your month. Each week has sections for you to write lists for home and work (ok blog!) life, priorities etc. There are quotes to keep you inspired. It really is amazing and actually I’ve got loads done this week, so I’m putting it down to that.
  3. The wintery cycle of illness continues – I’ve just got right after a virus last week and now Miss Belle has conjunctivitis and a bit of a cold. Roll on Spring!
  4. We only got a bit of snow today but I took Miss Belle out in it in the garden anyway. It was such a joy to see her little face light up and watch her see snow properly for the first time. She was giggling and running around like a nutter and putting her hands out to catch the snowflakes. It was lovely.

On the blog…

  1. I’m changing things up a bit with a new weekly recipe post each week. I want my blog to have a Family/Food/Travel focus so I wanted to’ up’ the foodiness. I have a gazzilion cook books and magazines and I’m often adapting recipes, so I thought once a week I’d share my favourites with you. This week I’m kicking off with Nigella Lawson’s delicious Chocolate Key Lime Pie – it’s so zingy and refreshing and light. We had it on New Year’s Eve and it was amazing. Hope some of you try it.
  2. Blog wise it’s been a great week – I now write at Huffington Post, so I published my post on what blogging has given me and had some nice feedback, which is always nice.
  3. The same post was also one of the featured posts in this week’s #SharingtheBlogLove showcase so I was really chuffed with that. It’s so amazing to be amongst some fantastic writers. Thanks Katy for choosing it and I’m glad you liked it.
  4. I had a couple of nice emails which I will tell you about later. Oh and I now have over 1000 followers on Twitter which is pretty awesome. If you’re not following come over and say hi!

Finally, I hate to beg but apparently that’s necessary if you like to win stuff…. so please if you haven’t already, vote for me in the #TribalChat awards. I’m part of a little blogging community of awesome writers and it’d be lovely to be considered. It’s quick and easy to vote, the deadline is Monday and my post tells you how to vote and why I’d like to win. Thanks!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Susie x

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  1. 16th January 2017 / 7:01 pm

    Good luck with the awards tonight, I’ve not overly promoted myself as I don’t think having only blogged for four months I’d win anyway. Just being allowed to take part was fun anywho!!
    Keep doing this round up as blogging is for you, not for others. Sod the stats. In years to come you’ll be happy you stuck with it!

  2. 20th January 2017 / 8:21 am

    Well done for continuing with the weekly posts, I stopped writing mine when I went back to work, but that was a time thing. But as you say your blog is for you, and is a virtual memory bank. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  3. 20th January 2017 / 10:41 pm

    I know exactly what you mean by saying that some of your posts are for you and some are for your blog. I often write posts just to keep a record of what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been, and I don’t really promote them as I know that there really just for my benefit. Sometimes it’s those ones that can surprise us though. Congratulations on writing for Huff Post, and thank you for sharing with #DreamTeam x

    • thisismenow
      21st January 2017 / 7:28 am

      Thanks, and thanks for hosting, it’s the first time I’ve joined and I’ll be back x

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