How to tackle a never ending To Do list

How to tackle a never ending To Do list

Does anyone else just have that constant feeling of being overwhelmed with things to do? Do you have a never ending To Do list the length of your arm? I do. And I avoid it. I’d rather be having fun, a day out, cooking, going to the gym, or just watching Eastenders.

When I became a SAHM I figured I’d have loads of time to do the annoying little things that are always at the back of my mind. The things that just mount up around us every day. Like sort out the post and magazines on my nest of tables waiting to slide off into the abyss. I’ve always prided myself on being pretty organised. Then I married Matt, possibly the most organised man in the world, and I realised that actually, sometimes I just can’t be arsed.

My never ending To Do list

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve been meaning to do, for yep, about nine months now.

  • Try sell our old wood burner (this has been in the garage for a year)
  • Put the 6 wallets of photos lying around into a photo album
  • Print off some more photos of Miss Belle (think I’ve stopped printing them because it’s just more work to sort them out)
  • Sell my old iPhone 6.
  • Find out how to destroy my old iPhone 5 that fell into water and won’t turn on.
  • Put Miss Belle’s clothes that she’s grown out of into a box and in the loft.
  • Tidy and file away bills/paperwork (this is never ending)
  • Go through my wardrobe and make a pile for charity shop/car boot
  • Go through old CDs for charity shop/car boot – I have a whole drawer of CDs that I never listen to anymore.
  • Find out how/where old laptops can be destroyed/recycled and get this done!
  • Sort out the bomb site that is our garage.
  • Go to the tip.
  • Apply to Volunteer for Age UK.
  • Call HMCR.
  • Make some more weaning friendly meals/snacks for Miss Belle to top up the freezer (also never bloody ending).
  • Look at moving opticians.

The joy/trauma of Christmas (buying, wrapping and posting presents) has been and gone. So I can’t use that as an excuse anymore.

Things I manage most weeks:

  • A food shop (or really, about three – we seem to bloody live at the supermarket these days)
  • Washing and ironing
  • Some form of housework
  • Cook
  • Blog!
  • Go to a couple of gym classes

You see, I do all the essentials. But just because I’m ‘off’ doesn’t mean my ever expanding To Do list gets done. When we’re not at toddler groups or gym classes we’re playing or out with friends. Yes it’s a lovely life, I’m not complaining. But add on trying to sell a house, with the constant tidying and cleaning pre-viewings, and dealing with a demanding toddler 24/7 and I’m pretty much shattered.  Like many other parents out there  I just flop into a heap on the sofa every night. Then I remember something else that needs adding to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” list.

Time for a change

I don’t know whether it’s because it’s Spring but I have a sudden urge to just get stuff done. It’s time to stop being so useless and get my arse in gear. Stop being, dare I say it, so lazy! (I’m really not lazy, honest). About a month ago I was telling my friend how I felt so swamped with my never ending To Do list. And she said something to me that stuck. This girl is an inspiration. She’s a go getter. If she wants something done, she just goes and does it. She works hard and is so motivated. Whether that’s in her work life, or in her home life. She’s currently training to run a marathon. She’s one of them. The one’s that can actually stick to stuff (not like me lasting 4 days of no chocolate for Lent…)

Do you know what she said to me…

“if it takes less than 15 minutes, just do it”



And that was it. A revelation.

Time to stop procrastinating. Put down the phone. Get off Facebook. Turn off the TV. Open your laptop and find how the hell eBay works.

And do you know what?

It has taken me two weeks, but I have achieved some of what’s been on my momentous To Do list for months.

  • I’ve listed our wood burner for sale. Not sold yet, but I now have a weekly reminder to re-list it.
  • I’ve listed and sold my iPhone on eBay (Result!)
  • I’ve contacted Age UK about volunteering.
  • We’ve been to the tip.

Ok that’s it. But today, I vow to go through Miss Belle’s clothes and box up more for the loft. I figure if I can spend 15 minutes every day just blasting through some of this, then I’m onto a winner. And what’s more, rather than let things get on the never ending To Do list in the first place, I’m going to just do it. The next bill that comes through my door is being dealt with and filed away, not put on the nest of tables.

So, if you have a never ending To Do list that’s getting out of control, this is my advice to you. If it takes less than 15 minutes, just bloody well go and do it. You’ll feel so much better.

Here’s to a more organised Spring!

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How To Tackle A Never Ending To Do List



  1. 9th April 2017 / 8:20 am

    I find that our our list of thing we need to finish is getting longer and longer, yet we are always busy. I need to become a little more focused I think!

  2. Caroline
    11th April 2017 / 8:04 am

    We are exactly the same. But when it comes to the time we can get stuff done we general decide to do nicer more fun things and enjoy family time. My plan is to get the stage where everything is more minimal so I have less stuff to sort, but at the moment this is proving difficult.

  3. 13th May 2017 / 9:37 am

    How is this so simple and yet so revolutionary? I’m literally sat here thinking – ‘OMG yes, why did I not come up with this!?’ Thank you for kicking my bum into gear!

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