Hellooooo! I’m so excited to write my #funseekingkids round-up week 1, featuring my favourite photos posted in the new Instagram community set up by myself and Alana from Burnished Chaos.

Week 1 has gone really well and Alana and I are both really pleased with the number of people using the hashtag and sharing some lovely pics of their little ones having fun. We were a bit nervous not enough people would get involved, but we needn’t have been. So a big thank you to everyone who’s taken part so far! Each week we’ll be looking back over who’s been using #funseekingkids and picking our favourite four pictures to share on our Instagram feeds and on our blogs every Thursday. If you’re a blogger (and you by no means have to be), we’ll link over to your blog too. If you’re new to the community please do share the love and let your friends know, we’d love to see some more feeds join us each week.

#funseekingkids round-up week 1!

1. First up was this lovely post by Katy at Hot Pink Wellingtons. I loved this pic of Max really loving what can only be described as a fab umbrella! My daughter loves umbrellas too, so it made me smile!

2. Next is another colourful one from Hayley from Mission Mindfullness. I love her twins outfits in this one. And I am constantly amazed at how much small people enjoy the park! But I’m all for getting them outdoors and these two look like they’re having fun exploring.

3. My third choice is this one from Biscuit Please Mummy. I agree, it’s so cute watching children find the fun in such simple things as their moving shadow!

I love it when a small person discovers their own shadow for the first time. Just too funny. #mylittleshadow #chasingshadows

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4. And my last pick is this gorgeous one from Ky at Snapshots and Adventures. This one drew me in because I love the sunshine! It looks like a perfect day out to me!

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Finally, I just wanted to add one of my favourite photos of Alana’s this week, which is this lovely one of her son showing her daughter a snail. I love that kids aren’t squeamish about these things and how gentle he was with it. I love seeing children interact with nature and animals. It’s really lovely to see the world through their eyes, though I’m not sure I’d pick up a snail! I couldn’t even pick up a ladybird last week!

So that’s it for my #funseekingkids round-up week 1. Make sure you head over to Alana’s blog to check out her favourite four posts. Thanks so much again to everyone who’s taken part. Keep tagging your photos of your kids having fun and playing with the hashtag. I’ll be back with another round-up next week. x

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