#funseekingkids round-up week 6

#funseekingkids round-up week 6

Welcome back to my #funseekingkids round-up week 6. Each week I share my favourite four photos posted in the new Instagram community set up by myself and Alana from Burnished Chaos. If you’re wondering what #funseekingkids is all about, it’s pretty simple really. It’s a new hashtag to use when you post photos of your kids having fun on Instagram.

We’ve now had over 1100 images tagged with #funseekingkids since we launched so we are over the moon! Thank you so much to everyone who’s joining in and making this such a fab community! Every Thursday we both share our favourite four images on our blogs and on our Instagram feeds. If you’re a blogger we’ll link over to your blog too. But don’t worry you don’t need to be a blogger to join in. If you’re new to the community please check out others using the hashtag, you’ll be sure to find some lovely feeds.

#funseekingkids round-up week 6

1. My first choice is from Natalie who blogs at Mum in Brum. I love the look of concentration on her daughter’s face. In fact there is a bit of a theme to my choices this week.

2. Next up is this lovely one from Rosie who blogs at Little Fish Blog. Rosie is one of my blogging pals and not only do I love her blog but I love this photo of her daughter. Again looking with such intent as she explores her surroundings. And her dress is so cute!

3. My third choice is from Messywawa – another great shot of a little one having fun with leaves. My inner Monica is thinking “yuck!” but really this is what being a kid is all about, isn’t it?

He was so blonde and chubby last summer. But the cheekiness just keeps on growing 😄

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4. My final choice is this brilliant shot by Jade aka The Parenting Jungle (fab blog – go check it out!). A brilliant capture of a kind of wonderment at our beautiful surroundings.

Cherry blossoms in the sky. Does little boy look up and see beauty? Does he appreciate their gentle shape and the clouds behind? I asked him what he thought when he looked up and he said, ‘just blue and white and things’. I cant remember much from being a child, can you remember how you thought? The imaginations we had? I apparently had an imaginary friend and thought rabbits were evil #Littlefierceones #Happylittlebuttons #Mydarlingmemory #WorldofLittles #Rememberingthesedays #Lionessmama #Myhappycapture #Mummyshot #Perfectandproud #Thismamaloves #DevelopingLife #Lifecloseup #Curiouslittleexplorers #funseekingkids #letsgolittles #Oureverydaymoments #Candidchildhood #Letthembelittle #ChildrenofInstagram #Dailyparenting #KCACOLS #Tribalchat, #Ukparentbloggers, #Totsphoto #Playfreemylove

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Finally, I always add one of my favourite photos of Alana’s. This week I chose this stunning one of her daughter at an old church yard they discovered. Beautiful pic I’m sure you’ll agree.

Another from the old churchyard this afternoon 😍

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So that’s my #funseekingkids round-up week 6. If you don’t follow these accounts already go over and show them some love. Make sure you head over to Alana’s blog to check out her favourite four posts. Thanks so much again to everyone who’s taken part. Keep tagging your photos of your kids having fun and playing with the hashtag. I’ll be back with another round-up next week. x

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  1. 11th May 2017 / 4:38 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring me! So chuffed! Love all the other pics and the ‘tree’ theme too – thanks honey. X

    • thisismenow
      11th May 2017 / 5:20 pm

      You’re welcome lovely! Thanks so much for supporting us xx

  2. 11th May 2017 / 9:29 pm

    Oh I love Rosie’s photo of her daughter, in fact I love them all!! It’s such a lovely little community you’ve built over on IG.

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