#funseekingkids round-up week 47

#funseekingkids round-up week 47

Well hello there and welcome back to my round-up of fabulous photos from the #funseekingkids hashtag on Instagram. I hope you’ve had a good week and had a lovely Mother’s Day. We were up at my parents and packed the weekend with seeing family so that was great, if ever so slightly tiring! Today Little Man and I tested out a baby sensory class and he loved it so I’m looking forward to starting that with him properly next week. Watch out for some baby spam funseekingkids pics. Anyway, time for my #funseekingkids round-up week 47 and this week I’ve gone with a bit of a sibling theme.

For those of you who don’t know, #funseekingkids is an Instagram hashtag set up by me and Alana who blogs at Burnished Chaos. Anyone can use the hashtag when they post photos of kids having fun. Each week we share our favourite four images on our blogs and on our Instagram feeds. If you’re a blogger we’ll link over to your blog too. But don’t worry you don’t need to be a blogger to join in. If you’re new to the community please do share the love and let your friends know, we’d love to see some more feeds join us each week.

#funseekingkids round-up week 46

1. My first choice is from Hannah and the twiglets. I absolutely love her twins jackets, and her feed is gorgeous. I had a few to choose from but went with this one. So sweet.

2. My second choice is from another Hannah who blogs at Make Do and Push. Firstly, yeah to the Yorkshire coast, and secondly, go check out her fab feed. It looks like her two love to be beside the seaside having fun. I’ve not been to this beach before but when we head back North in the Summer I’ll be sure to check it out.

3. My third choice is a beautiful picture from Emma. I loved the light in this one and of course the way one of them is carrying a stick. It made me smile. You can read more from Emma at This Mother.

4. And my last featured pic is this one from Becky. This might be my favourite photo from this community yet. It sums up what it’s all about. Oh to be a kid and be so excited to have a rocket backpack! Thanks for joining us Becky.

Every day’s an adventure… So grateful today & everyday for my boys who made me a mummy 💞 definitely never a dull moment 😆😅 Happy Mother’s Day to all of those who celebrate it! 💖 #love #motherhoodiscolorful 🚀🌈 ________________________________________________________#mycolourfulkids #backsoflittles #letthembelittle #childhood_unplugged #creativekids #explorerkids #watchthemlearn #happylittlebuttons #lifewithinfourcorners #our_everyday_moments #magicalfamilymoments #myfamilyadventures #letthemexplore #lifewithinfourcorners #rememberingthesedays #parenting_moments #candidchildhood #magicofchildhood #celebrate_childhood #funseekingkids #happylittlebuttons #mummyshot #pottyadventures #moretoexploreoutdoors #countrykidsfun #facelessfriday #the_sugar_jar #tsj_lucky #thesweetlife_in_color #theartofchildhood #runwildmychild #freespiritedchildhood #hellostoryteller

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Finally, I always add one of my favourite photos of Alana’s. I chose this one of L, she’s so amazing how far she will walk/climb with such little legs! Alana has some great countryside near her so it’s no wonder she loves to be outdoors.

So that’s my #funseekingkids round-up week 47. I hope you all had fun in the snow. If you’re on instagram but haven’t joined us before, please do check out other feeds using the hashtag, it’s a great way to find new people to follow. And don’t forget to go over and show this weeks featured instagrammers some love. Make sure you head over to Alana’s blog to check out her favourite four posts too.

See you next week.



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