#funseekingkids round-up June 2018

Hi and welcome back to my monthly look back at my favourite photos from the #funseekingkids community over on Instagram. So May – what a month!! You all made it hard for me, we had SO many photos linked up. Two bank holidays, sunny days, half term fun, holidays, bluebells, rapeseed oil fields (they’re a “thing” on Instagram too, aren’t they!?”). We had the lot. So lets crack on with my favourites.

For those of you who don’t know, #funseekingkids is an Instagram hashtag set up by me and Alana who blogs at Burnished Chaos. Anyone can use the hashtag when they post photos of kids having fun. Each week we share our favourite four images on our blogs and on our Instagram feeds. If you’re a blogger we’ll link over to your blog too. But don’t worry you don’t need to be a blogger to join in. If you’re new to the community please do share the love and let your friends know, we’d love to see some more feeds join us each week.

#funseekingkids round-up June 2018

1. My first choice is probably my favourite rapeseed oil field shot I saw and it’s from the hugely talented photographer Laura who also blogs at Little Ladies Big World. We have so many fields like this in Norfolk but I’ve never stopped to go through them. My friend regularly walks her dog by one so maybe next year I will try get some Insta shots!

I know I know, another rapeseed photo 🤷🏼‍♀️ I promise I’ll stop sharing them soon and maybe just put them in a blog post as soon as I actually get around to it but today there is reason. I’ve just uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of my 10 tips for managing hayfever in adventurous children. A lot of people don’t know Eva has hayfever as bad as she does because yes, we are always in a field of flowers, or chasing leaves, or just general adventuring and that is exactly why I have so many tips. I don’t want to quash her spirit, her thirst for nature, and the world so I take it upon myself to do as much as I can to make sure she can run in the rapeseed fields and crunch in leaves to her hearts content. I’m not saying it’s easy (any allergy Mum will agree it is like being on high alert every single day) but goodness this girl has enough to contend with in her life missing out on food and other things and I’ll be damned if I don’t work my butt off to help in any way I can. Which I must say over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at, even if I do say so myself! So I’m sharing my wisdom with the world and a photo which is the most horrendous thing to look at when she walked on freshly cut grass at just 3 years old. If I ever have any doubt on whether I am going the right thing in being so strict with the things I ensure she doesn’t do, this photo makes me know it is absolutely right. #hayfeversucks #hayfeverinchildren #letthembechildren #letthembefree

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2. My second choice is one which stopped my scrolling and made me smile. What a cheeky face!! Thanks to Topsy Turvy Tribe for joining us.

3. My third pick is from the fabulous Hannah, aka, Twin Mama Mo. You all know Hannah’s feed is one of my favourites now! There were so many to choose from this month but I loved this one of the twins extremely excited about bubbles. Bubbles are pure joy for kids aren’t they!?

4. Next up I chose this one from Clare who runs the hugely successful blog Mudpie Fridays. I chose this, because frankly, look how happy Monkey is! Someone was definitely excited for their holiday! I hope you had a great time and thanks so much for joining us.

M O N D A Y • 2 8 / 0 5 We reached our holiday park last night with @Eurocampholidays where we will be staying for the week. Despite the interesting adventure to get here (check out my insta highlights and stories) we are settled in and had a lovely tea of fresh bread, blue cheese and tomatoes (maybe a bottle of red wine too) last night. Waking refreshed after our long drive we visited Cannes today before heading back to enjoy the pool. This was Monkey conquering the slides in our not so scheduled stop over in the Loire Valley. I am so grateful for Eurocamp finding us a place to stay at such short notice. Follow our holiday over the next week or so here to see what we get up to (phone signal and wifi allowing) #presstrip #BestDaysEver

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5. Sticking with sheer excitement, my next favourite was this lovely shot from This Mamma. Also up there with bubbles is surely bouncy castles (and trampolines!) This is a new account I found this month. If you don’t follow pop over and have a look!

6. Next I chose this one from Kelly at Little.Tribe.Big.Dreams. With Little Man nearly sitting this will hopefully be us over the next few months… beach trips, and sand! Although my inner Monica hates it, I know how important it is to let kids be kids and a bit of sand never really hurt anyone, did it!? Thanks Kelly for joining us.

Let them explore 👣 I could have very easily kept this little one from the sand today. We had a little tent and after she napped we sat her in it to have some lunch and shelter from the sun. I thought about keeping her in there (and save all the cleaning up!) but then realised I wanted her to actually experience the beach. I’m so glad I did…she loved exploring and playing with the sand and of course trying to eat some too! Mid afternoon bath for both the little ones but really how much hassle was that for all that fun? . . . #babyonthebeach #sandeverywhere #curiouslittleexplorers #freespiritedchildhood #wildandfreechildren #funseekingkids #adventurelikebeatrixpotter #lovetotravel #lovelifeoutside #explorerkids #worldoflittles #rememberingthesedays #themagicineveryday #myhappycapture #magicofchildhood #letthembelittle #letthemexplore #lagosportugal #praiadedonaana

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7. This next choice was probably my favourite of the whole month. What a beautiful picture. And how lovely that something so simple could bring so much fun to a little one. Thanks to the lovely Eva for this stunning pic. You can read more from Eva on her blog Captain Bobcat.

8. My final choice was this fun one from another new feed I’ve found this month, Parenting Underway. This is a US blogger and you MUST check out their Instagram feed. It’s brilliant.


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Finally, I always add one of my favourite photos of Alana’s. Hands down I think this is the best photo of her daughter I’ve ever seen. Soooo funny! I think she liked it don’t you!?


So that’s my #funseekingkids round-up for the month. If you’re on Instagram but haven’t joined us before, please do check out other feeds using the hashtag, it’s a great way to find new people to follow. And don’t forget to go over and show this weeks featured instagrammers some love. Make sure you head over to Alana’s blog to check out her favourite eight from last month too.




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