Food gift ideas for Christmas by the Co-Op

Food gift ideas for Christmas by the Co-Op

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have passed, I’m gearing up for Christmas. With two January birthdays in our house I try to get ahead and buy Christmas gifts in November. This year I’m working with the Central England Co-op on their Christmas campaign, #triedandtasted. It basically means I get to try and taste a range of their products and tell you about them! I know, how lucky am I!? This week I wanted to share with you some products made in Norfolk and Suffolk that I’ve picked up in our local shop. These are just a couple of food gift ideas for Christmas and would make perfect stocking fillers for the whole family.

Co-Op local gifting range

Food Gift Ideas For Christmas By Co-Op

Central England Co-Op supports local producers by stocking a local gifting range. This includes a range of things from fruit tea bags, to chocolates, beers, bread and lots more – even home brewing kits!

Every year we usually give some form of food as a Christmas present to lots of people in our family – aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents. We all like good food! This does usually take the form of chocolates, biscuits, jam and chutney and local beers and ales.

From the local gifting range I chose to try some Peanut Butter Gnaw chocolate, a Norfolk based chocolate producer. We have bought this brand of chocolate for a relative in the past but I’ve never actually tried it! I had to make a note of the awesome packing too as you break off a row at a time there’s a nice little fun message. I particularly liked the one half way through “probably no need to share” – that’s me! This flavour chocolate has chunks of peanut in and it tastes like chocolatey crunchy peanut butter. Definitely a winner and something I’ll be popping under the tree for Matt.

Gnaw Chocolate Food Gift Idea For Christmas By Co-Op

Matt’s mum loves Walnut Whips, so when I saw some Orange Truffle ones made in Suffolk, I just had to get them. These are rich and have a creamy orange truffle filling rather than a marshmallow filling. Very indulgent and heavier than the bog standard ones you get in the supermarket! They would make the perfect little gift from the grandchildren.

Finally, my brother is quite the chef (being a foodie runs in the family!). I’ve bought him dressings and oils in the past from the BBC Good Food Show. He likes spicy food too and lots of flavour, so I thought the Lime and Chilli dressing would make a good stocking filler. Suitable for stir fries and all sorts of marinades, I’m sure this will be used up quickly! This is also made just over the border in Suffolk. I like the idea of supporting small businesses and local producers.

Do you buy food gifts at Christmas? If so, check out the local gifting range in the Co-Op. I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your friends and family.


I was given vouchers by the Co-Op to buy these products and to try them, but as ever, all views are my own. 


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