First Hair Cut: Take Two – and we survived!

First Hair Cut: Take Two – and we survived!

We did it! We managed a successful first hair cut: take two!

I recently blogged about how I was dreading getting Miss Belle’s hair cut after a horrendous experience when I took her for what I thought would be her first hair cut. We both left in tears, with no hair cut, and a nice bruise on her cheek very close to her eye. But my scruff pot has been in desperate need of a trim. So I booked a cut at my new hairdressers and after lots of helpful advice from some of you lovely readers, I went into the First Hair Cut: Take Two, much more prepared.

Today as the clock ticked closer to her appointment, I became increasingly anxious. I booked the appointment for 4pm, knowing that Miss Belle normally naps after lunch. We’d been to playgroup this morning and had a brief 15 minutes at the park so she could use up even more energy, in the hope that she’d go down for a good nap after lunch. So of course, she chose today to refuse to nap at her usual time. The nap time battle commenced at 1.30pm. In the end I had to rock her to sleep and she finally went down at 3pm. I had to wake her from a really deep sleep at 3.40pm and only just got to the hairdressers in time, walking in apprehensive with a bleary eyed, slightly cross toddler.

But, this time she didn’t take an instant dislike to the hairdresser. Always a bonus. And, I had my First Hair Cut: Take Two survival kit – nursery rhymes on the iPad and a packet of Organix crispy things (and a weaning friendly banana choco muffin for extra back up in my coat pocket – sorry that’s not photographed because it’s since been eaten).

baby first hair cut survival kit

And that was all I needed. I sat there with her on my lap. I put the gown on her this time. And she was fine. She was more interested in the crisps than anything else. It was really quick; she’s barely had anything taken off but her fringe is neater and the experience will do her good. I gave her the cake thing as we walked out the door, internally giving a sigh of relief.

So thanks everyone for your comments last time. I feel so much better now.

The secret to a successful first hair cut is clearly bribery, in whatever way works for you. Oh, and a nice hairdresser that your child doesn’t detest.



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