Equipment I use

I sometimes get asked what my favourite kitchen gadgets are or what equipment people need to make my recipes, so I thought I’d share a list here. It’s really just the basics, along with some personal favourites. I hope you find it useful!

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Magimix food processor.

Every kitchen needs a food processor and this was a Christmas present a few years ago. It’s super and comes with a range of funnels, super sharp blade and great pulse function. Great for making breadcrumbs.

Chef Premier

This is what I tend to make cakes and biscuits in. It also comes with a bread hook so you can make dough too. I also have the ice cream maker attachment and have made some delicious home made ice creams. I also have the blender attachment which is great for my morning smoothies and making home made ice-lollies for the kids.

Kenwood hand mixer

Much cheaper than a Chef Premier and still great for creaming butter and sugar together to make cakes, this hand mixer is probably my most used and most important piece of kitchen equipment.

Kenwood Tribalde Stick Blender

I have an older version of this which was a wedding present. This is an absolute must have for many of my weaning recipes and purees if you have a baby.

Morphy Richard’s bread maker

Not really needed for my recipes, other than home made pizza, but we make our own bread most weeks in this. My favourite is a spelt flour loaf.