Recipe of the week: Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Last week I shared an Easter cupcake recipe from Angela at The Inspiration Edit. This week I’m going old school, with some more easy recipes to do with the kids over the Easter holidays, with my Chocolate Easter Egg Nests. These are as easy as they come, and actually there is no real baking involved. You can whip up some tasty treats in about 15 minutes. Perfect! Some recipes use butter, syrup and cocoa powder, but I prefer the intense chocolatelyness that comes with melting pure Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Which is weird given I’m normally a Galaxy girl, but for these, it’s all about the Dairy Milk.

Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Serves: 10


200g Dairy Milk Chocolate
1 90g bag of Mini Eggs
Cornflakes (though rice crispy’s work just as well)


  1. Break up the chocolate into squares and place in a bowl over a pan of steaming water. Make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Slowly melt the chocolate stirring occasionally.
  2. Take the bowl off the heat and leave to cool for a few minutes.
  3. Carefully pour in Cornflakes a bit at a time until evenly coated. I did’t use measurements, just went by eye and how chocolatey I wanted them covered! This is where children can help stir.Making Chocolate Easter Egg Nests
  4. Spoon into cupcake cases.
  5. Place three mini eggs on each nest and place in the fridge to firm up.

Ta dah! Simple. Try not to eat two Chocolate Easter Egg Nests in a row…

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Chocolate Easter Egg Nests Recipe


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  1. 9th April 2017 / 8:16 am

    I love making my with Amelia. Little miss looks as if she’s having lots of fun. Hope you enjoyed eating them yummy!

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