Why you should book a Tenerife holiday for this Autumn

Why you should book a Tenerife holiday for this Autumn

Some of you will remember that last November we took our toddler on holiday to Tenerife. We are big fans of the island, particularly the south where we tend to stay, and I’d love to be heading back there later this year. Sadly we won’t be returning this year as I’m pregnant, but if I wasn’t, I’d be thinking about booking now for this Autumn. If you’re not lucky enough to be heading abroad for some sunshine over the next six weeks, or if you’re looking to book flights abroad once the schools are back, a Tenerife holiday is perfect for later on in the year.

Why Tenerife?

Tenerife has good, consistently warm and sunny weather all year round. Which makes it the perfect destination for after the school holidays, in fact right up until November or December if you prefer some “winter sun”. If you’re looking for a holiday abroad that isn’t in the summer holidays, and without a long haul flight, a four hour flight to the Canary Islands is a great compromise.

Family friendly

As a child my family geared more towards Spanish holidays than say French or Italian ones, and Tenerife, as a part of Spain, is very family friendly. They seem to love children. You just have to see how they interact with you at restaurants and cafes, such as bringing colouring sheets and pencils for the kids, to bringing the children’s food out first. This is all a standard in most places I’ve been to in Tenerife.

Top things to do in Tenerife

Mount Teide

Probably Tenerife’s most well known place to visit is the Teide national park, home to the dormant volcano, Mount Teide which stands at 3,718 metres above sea level. Even when it’s in the high 20s on the ground, the air is noticeably cooler and thinner at the top. Taking the cable car up to the peak is a great experience and you can see fantastic views from the top (just don’t look down if you’re a bit scared of heights). There are twilight tours too which sound great. Note that people with heart problems, pregnant women, and children under two are not allowed to go to the top due to the risks from high altitude.

Loro Parque  

Loro Parque is a zoo in the north of the island and boasts itself as the Canary Island’s best loved animal park. In addition to walking around and seeing the vast range of animals, they put on four incredible shows. The highlight usually being the Killer Whale show (you may get wet if you sit near the front!).

Loro Parque

Tickets are 35 euros for adults and 24 for children over six, but children under six are free. You can find out more at the Loro Parque website.

Jungle Park 

If you’re staying in the south of the island and don’t fancy the drive up to Puerto de la Cruz to Loro Parque, there is the smaller Jungle Park. It’s the same idea, on a smaller scale, and without the big animals shows. Tickets are cheaper at 24 euros for adults. There are still shows which change daily and there is a fantastic aviary to walk through. It’s a great day out for families. Check out the Jungle Park website for more information.

Siam Park

I am yet to go but pass it every time we visit the south of the island and know that in a few years time when the children are older, this will be a great place to try out. Siam Park is a water park near Adeje and according to its website is the best water park in the world. Quite a claim, and definitely worth checking out if you’re into slides and thrills. Tickets cost the same as the Lord Parque at 35/24 euros for adults/children. If you’re likely to visit both parks it’s definitely worth while booking a twin ticket, which can be used at both parks, with a saving of 10 euros.

Beaches – Costa Adeje

You might think of Tenerife and think volcanic rock and not much in the way of beaches, but if you know where to look there are some lovely ones. One of our favourites is near the Del Duque hotel in Costa Adeje. It’s not the whitest of sand but it’s fine for kids. The sea is warm and there are bars and restaurants near by.

Whale and Dolphin watching

People of all ages can enjoy a trip out on a boat. There are several tours which offer whale or dolphin watching. When I was younger we took a boat trip when we were staying in Los Gigantes and saw pilot whales. My brother also swam in the sea off the boat. Later that night we saw a shark hung up… caught that day! Gulp! If that’s your thing there are many places offering snorkelling or sightseeing boat trips.


This is just a small selection of our favourite things to do in Tenerife. But these attractions and days out in addition to the great climate and nice food (tapas!) make a Tenerife holiday a great choice.

This is a collaborative post. All views and words are my own.

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