Some days I just can’t be arsed with Instagram. But it seems that if you want to be taken seriously as a parenting blogger, you need to get serious about Instagram.

I’ve read a couple of posts that encourage you to post photos x number of times a day at certain times of the day, with certain hashtags, to increase your followers and likes, and in turn increase visitors to your blog. I get that if parenting bloggers want to work with brands, having a good, engaged, following is important. They will only want to work with you if you have a certain amount of influence, after all. I know that some brands are looking to Instagram to find bloggers to work with. KidloLand contacted me about reviewing their app, because they found me on Instagram. But, the other night, as I thought “oh crap, I’ve not posted to Instagram today!” and I took a photo of my yoghurt, I thought what the hell have I become? This is bonkers! Who cares what yoghurt I’m eating?!

What have we become?

Some days I struggle with this social media driven generation I find myself in. Isn’t it pretty self indulgent to think that other people might care what we are doing all the time? Yes I would love more readers, but frankly my life is not that interesting to snap and publish in pretty little squares three times a day. Some days I don’t leave the house for Christ’s sake! Yes, I get that it’s also about capturing and sharing memories, but can’t some memories be just memories? Why have I fallen into this cycle of photographing and sharing everything with every Tom, Dick and Harry?

Anyone who does follow me on Instagram will notice I’ve changed my style of photos to only show Miss Belle side on or from the back now. That’s the way it’s going to be on the blog from now on too, apart from the odd one or two. It’s just a personal preference for me really. I came to the decision after reading an article someone I know posted online (ironic, I know) about how children also have a right to privacy. I know she’s only a toddler and in theory I suppose I ‘own’ her rights at the moment, but it made me think. It’s also made me think about what I write about on this blog too. I still don’t feel I have found my ‘niche’ or my ‘style’ yet. Maybe I’ll sack off all this moaning about nap times and just post recipes and pretend I’m good at crafts instead. But, I called this blog This Is Me Now because it’s about my life now and Miss Belle is obviously the centre of that, so of course I will write about her.

Maybe I just need to change my relationship with Instagram? Maybe I need to just appreciate that it can be about beautiful photography, and strive to have an account like some of the amazing ones I follow. Maybe I need to accept that to be a successful blogger I need to build my ‘brand’ on Instagram too. I started this blog because I wanted to write, but I’m quickly learning that I need to learn how to take and edit great photos too. Why is there always so much to learn, eh?

I wonder if my lack of love for Instagram is why I’m struggling to grow my followers there. Is my piddly little following because I’m not showing any face on cute photos of Miss Belle anymore? Or maybe it’s because I’m just shit at taking photos? Maybe it’s because my life isn’t exciting enough. Or maybe it’s because I don’t take selfies of me wearing fashionable clothes or take photos of a brightly coloured rainbow-esque wardrobe….or go to chic sea side resorts for coffee and croissants every day. I could go on.

Since becoming a blogger I have caved into the peer pressure of Instagram and even took a photo of some sodding autumn leaves the other week. Why? Well because everyone else was, and I’m a blogger now, so that’s what I should do isn’t it? I now realise that was stupid. It wasn’t very authentic – I don’t even like Autumn that much. And this is pointing out the bleeding obvious isn’t it, as we all know that really social media is just an allusion. But that’s what Instagram is to me. It’s just another place for people to post photos that make their lives look amazing. And yes some things make lovely photos, but a lot of the time, it’s just life. It’s just Autumn. Just like it is every year. Yes with pretty orange leaves, but it’s just Autumn! Why do we need to photograph it?!

I don’t want to go about my day every day wondering what I can photograph for Instagram. So I’m sorry, I’m just going to post when I want and what I want. Looking back I feel like a right hypocrite (but in my defence, that was an awesome yoghurt).

Screw what I should be doing, I’m just going to do what I want, and if that means I don’t post to Instagram every day, I’m OK with that.

How do you feel about Instagram?


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