[AD] Babyled spreads review

[AD] Babyled spreads review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Babyled Spreads.

If you’re like me you probably scratch your head most days and wonder what you can give your baby for lunch that isn’t a cheese or tuna sandwich. For some reason I always find lunches the hardest to plan. I seem to hit a brick wall when it comes to ideas. Well I may be able to help you! I’ve been trying a new product that’s perfect for weaning babies and toddlers. Babyled spreads have been developed by a small firm up in Northumberland. The aim is to help little ones explore exciting new flavours and textures. The spreads can be used in lots of different ways. Find out how to eat Babyled spreads below.

How to eat Babyled spreads

Babyled spreads are mini jars of spreads which can be used as a sandwich filling, and in a huge variety of ways. They can be eaten hot or cold, and can be thrown in your bag if you’re heading out for lunch. They’re thicker than a traditional puree, but not disimmilar. They can be heated and used as pasta sauces. They can be spread onto home made pizza, spread onto toast or crackers, used in toasties, and they can be used as dip.

Rather than a bog standard flavours, or random mixes of savoury and sweet as you sometimes see on other baby food pouches, Babyled spreads are made with the intention of awakening your little ones senses and exploring new ingredients. When you’re picking food for your children of course you want only the best ingredients and no hidden nasties. All Babyled spreads have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and there is no added salt. One of the pack of three is dairy free too, which is a bonus if your little one has an allergy.

The Babyled spread range

I was kindly sent the range to try and these included green pea rocket and dill; red lentil and sweet potato; spicy pumpkin and chickpea (all of which are the dairy free ones); and then another pack of ricotta and bean; avocado, red pepper and tomato; and carrot, apple and hummus. They also sell packets of pre-steamed veg sticks that can last in the fridge for four weeks. We didn’t try those, but it sounds like a great idea for busy parents who don’t have the time to prep that kind of stuff to keep as healthy snacks. And if you send the plastic packaging for those pouches back, they will recycle them for you! A nice touch from a firm that cares about the environment.

Our verdicts

I decided to try the spreads out on both children as I now give them the same thing at every meal time. It’s just easier. The four year old was happy to take part in the experiment. She quickly told me which ones she liked and which she didn’t! I used them like a dip and served them with cucumber and pepper sticks and corn crackers.

Surprisingly the baby wasn’t so keen the avocado, red pepper and tomato one, but Miss Belle said this was her favourite. Given the baby likes all these ingredients separately I couldn’t understand why! But that’s kids for you, hey!? Little Man loved the spicy pumpkin and chickpea one whereas his big sister found it a bit too spicy. They both liked the carrot, apple and hummus the best. I was sent six of the jars, and I served four of them for one lunch. But my two do eat a lot! Personally I’d want a slightly bigger jar. However my children who tested them are 15 months and over four. So they probably have bigger appetites than six month old babies who are just starting the weaning process.

Overall I think this product is a good idea. The jars are pretty small though and cost £7.50 for 9 or £14 for 18. You order online and can pick which jars you want to make up your pack, so there’s some extra flexibility there. The company also supports the charity Bliss, for babies born prematurely or sick, and donates a portion of every sale to the charity, which is really nice.

To find out more about Babyled spreads visit their website and check out some fantastic recipes with other creative ways to use their spreads.

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Are you looking for a lunch or dinner idea for weaning baby or toddler? Bablyed spreads are a new baby food made by a small UK firm. They can be eaten hot or cold in sandwiches, on toast, with crackers or breadsticks, as pasta sauce or pizza toppings. So much variety! Check out my review on my blog and see what my baby and 4 year old thought of them. #babyfood #babyledweaning #weaning #toddlermeal


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Babyled Spreads.


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